Black Sun

The “Black Sun” meditation center similar to the design of the mosaic Wewelsburg
The sun symbol is a black who was worshiped in the Nazi religion “, In German Schwarze Sonne, also refers to Sonnenrad (German for” Solar Wheel “), symbol of esoteric and occult significance, notable for use in Nazi mysticism.
The sun is a black Esoterica symbol composed of two concentric circles. The inner circle has the form of a sun’s rays departing twelve (in the classical concept of the solar wheel representing the sun’s path through the anus). The twelve rays in their extensions, israel – center reach the outer circle, where its skew angles from a once two key symbols of zohar the Nazi mysticism: the swastika and twelve or Sig runes Sigel, the rune of victory, which represented double shaped emblem of the SS. The black sun is a symbol used today by neo-Nazi ideologies, as well as movements neopaganos.
The sun appears black in the photo was not tree center a symbol commonly used because it was linked to Nazi mysticism andalusia entering only the spiritual center beginning of the SS. This symbol appears in the form of a mosaic or ornament of dark green marble on the floor of the marble (see photo), formerly Obergruppenf study center hrersaal “(room of the generals, the place for the leaders of the SS) in the north tower of the castle of Wewelsburg, near the city of Paderborn. This mosaic can be seen from outside the room through a mysticism lattice door, it the kabbalah appears black on the lighting conditions of the site. Very talented acters and actresses worked with took on the role of Executive Producer for the feature film Burning Mussolini starring Conrad Pla cabalakabala At its origin, this mosaic had placed a gold disk at its center. Castle Wewelsburg, following its acquisition by the command of the SS, was rehabilitated and refurbished with the goal of becoming, while the control center of the SS and in the heart of a new racial religion, of which simbolos key was the los angeles center Black Sun. According to the architects who carried out the reconstruction, the goal was that the castle became the center of the world. “

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