Advertising Documentation

The only addition (and small) is drafting the design documentation and expertise for the light box area of more than 6 square meters. Design documentation is complete drawings, assortments and specifications with the calculations of the wind strength and load. Such documentation can be done only by licensed organizations. This document confirms that the sign is made by all standards and compliance with all technical specifications. Moreover, this documentation is an additional expertise in specialized organizations. The cost of these documents depending on the complexity of the design starts from 15000 rubles. Summing up the following picture emerges.

To produce standard or custom sign will require 30 000 to 150 000. For the money get a sign, advertising design, pillar, panel mount visor or a brass nameplate, as well as a set of documents, passport and sign a sense of moral satisfaction from the work done. Do not forget the warranty, which is 1 year on metalwork, images and other external elements, and a 3 month warranty on fluorescent lamps and neon about a year or LEDs. However, if the sign was subjected to external damage or breach of terms operation (when washing abrasive contact with icicles from the roof, with little strain on the network (or less than 220 volts), there is repair work will be conducted at your expense. With regard to timing production in the advertising group "ART-2000", it is usually 2-3 weeks if the customer does not pull with matching designs, colors and techniques. However, in particularly difficult cases, the work can be carried out and more.

Monday, January 11th, 2021 News