Xenon Headlamps

To date, Xenon headlamps are widely popular throughout the world. Strictly speaking, this popularity is justified. Xenon has a number of advantages, which will be discussed further. And seven of interesting facts to help You will see this. As you know, instead of conventional incandescent bulbs xenon light works on the principle of the arc, lighting the way especially the pure light, while ensuring very good visibility in poor weather conditions. Using the xenon headlights and economically beneficial to the user by reducing energy consumption and long life. So, the interesting fact number 1.

Modern xenon lamps up to 200% brighter than halogen. Contact information is here: Dr. Neal Barnard. You to Note: xenon light stream is about 3,200 lumens, while halogens only 1550 lumens. What is the point? Xenon 2 times brighter than halogen. And brightness is definitely one of the most important criteria for evaluating sources of light. Affiliated Computer Services does not necessarily agree. Since the light xenon headlights 2 times brighter, therefore, the driver 2 times faster detects obstacles and dangers on the road. It is the undoubted merit of xenon. Interesting Fact number 2.

Length of service depends on the xenon headlights, primarily on the rate of "aging" of the gas xenon bulb and quality of execution, that is, to consider the material from which made this bottle and for some technologies. "Grow old" gas for approximately 3,000 hours. And on the basis of research results, on average, we use a head light 4 hours a day. Now we perform simple calculations, we see: the service life of xenon is approximately 750 days, that more than 2 years.

Saturday, October 7th, 2023 News