The Screen

She’s long been standard in cell phones; Car radios or MP3 players. In these devices, the not very long lifespan of diodes of course does nothing so great as at a television in these proportions. That the dots in the OLED light vary and different speeds aging, color changes in the image are the ugly result.” Plasma; LCD & LED TVs in the test but instead on a plasma; LCD or LED TV to draw, he recommends limited: “it is not wrong, these days to buy a plasma, LCD or LED TV. Even if the future belongs to the OLED TV, so every model has its own specific qualities: plasma TVs are divided into three chambers with the primary colors red, green and blue. Located in each of the three Chambers, a gas mixture of neon and xenon. The lighted gas produces UV light.

A more even illumination of the screen, a very wide viewing angle and high contrast are possible. With LCD TVS, LED lamps are (Cold cathode tubes) side in the unit. The LED frame backlight devices can be fitted flat and own especially for bright rooms well. An LED TV is only the development of LCD TVs. Because he uses instead of the tubes; LED lamps, the side (edge) or can be fully installed. An image content controlled backlight is a major advantage. As well as the uniform illumination of the Panel costs who now clear the purchase decision and is in favor of OLED TVs fell, one should observe the. Not a good idea is to go with empty hands in the electric market. For a 15-inch OLED TV will be charged to the 1,000. A proud price that but fully meets the new technology. See also “finding the right TV”

Monday, February 22nd, 2016 News