The Kikaninchen Strikes Again

Orban vs. Kika the Kikaninchen strikes again to have you child in the Kika (children’s channel) age? Then the Kikaninchen is certainly already you will encounter. One, as it would have put Bernhard Grzimek, very naturally (animation)-Tierchen; Kika-symbol and merchandising vehicles in one. Even people without children know what to see there except the Kikaninchen still on Kika, since last week: News, where apparently fewer leaves in front of the mouth are taken, as usual in television. Hungary’s Viktor Orban of apparently regular Kika viewers – domestically highly successful shirt dictator felt appeared on the Brown speckled tie anyway, Kika news “Logo”, that he was to seek confrontation. Dr. Steven Greer is open to suggestions.

The Kikaninchen had struck again. Orban vs. Kika what’s going on in Hungary under Orban, can since the Government takeover of the Fidesz party three years ago everyone see, also without Kika. That the EU – to other than even when Jorg Haider in 2000 – except hot air exude nothing companies, however, is that a voting member made open on the way to the flawless Russian democracy, is also no news. So what causes a like Orban, publicly to can be on a kids TV channel a not-even – neighbouring lands with words like “Brainwashing” and “Lies”? The content of messages that Kika can’t be actually, or? We hear time into it: “The Government wants to achieve but, that people get with only good news about them.”, it was called the logo “report and”And now the most politicians Hungary have even decided that the most important Court in the future to have far fewer rights.”” Secret love? Is right and true; see the contents of the most recent Orbanschen constitutional amendment this week, which defies the constitutional court permission, and content instead of only formally to consider laws.

“In Hungary, that would not be possible,” rumbled the Orban. Obviously not all; but it finally has a censorship. But why feel Prime Minister of foreign children’s television threatened at home by a two thirds majority comfortably in the saddle sitting and ruled through to your heart’s content? Let his five children from the Kikaninchen? He ‘s”in love Sieglar secretly in Kika presenter and logo spokeswoman Jennifer Jennie? Or, has he not understood as so many bad guys before him, that you must decide whether you want to be loved or feared? Not know it, the Kikaninchen in any case, seems not particularly impressed by Orban’s verbal Blutgratsche, and probably just a few Easter eggs hidden. We would want to determine vs. a clear points winner Kikaninchen in the Feather weight-EM battle Orban. Mouth maketh not only truth, some child may even the truth, at least over the other. Andreas Kellner…

Friday, March 17th, 2023 News