The Depth

When working with folds importantly – do not be mistaken with the width. To do this you need to determine the depth of wrinkles. If you have a thick cloth or insufficient, you can make the depth of wrinkles incomplete: the depth of = width of the folds of pleats in the process of laying such removal, the depth will be equal to half the width of the folds. If you have a transparent cloth or you have enough material, then go ahead and produce the next calculation: the depth of the folds = 2 width of the folds thus the transmission will be seen that the depth of contact with the start of the next fold. A pelmet of thick fabric will look richer. Next time when cutting lambrequin in the fold – is the width of fabric. Assume cornice length of 2 meters.

Therefore, in order to cut a pelmet in a one-sided fold, requires 6 meters of fabric. The maximum width of fabric in a roll of 3 meters with a little. That do? Only one solution – to make an pelmet. At such dimensions, the central part of lambrequin be 3,0 m. and on both sides are sewn two pieces of fabric to 1,5 m (without allowances for seams and shrinkage).

Or suture would pass through the middle and grind will be two cuts of the fabric of 3,0 m. A sample calculation: the length of the eaves = 1,50 m.material – curtain fabrics, width 1.50 m. – odnostoronnyayNeobhodimo canvas width equal to the width lambrequin and a length equal to the length of the cornice multiplied by 3. Consequently, cut out 3 strips fabrics of a width equal to the width lambrequin + seam and shrinkage in length 1,50 m, equal to the width of the fabric, which are then stitch together. But there are pitfalls: necessary that all the seams were deep folds. To this end, before a final determination of the width of parts lambrequin need to partition future wrinkles (it is possible that we considered to be pelmet consist of 4 parts Sew together a depth of wrinkles will reduce and it will be incomplete). The shape of the lower cut-off is formed after treatment with side seams.

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