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Special Offer Forest Fruit – Now At An Attractive Discount Price

Agricultural investment to the temporary special ForestFinance, largest European supplier of forest direct investments, offer currently as special offer in his weeks of fruits of the forest”investments in CacaoInvest or GreenAcacia with up to 7.5 per cent discount on. So investors save one until 31 December 2012 when purchasing a quarter hectare CacaoInvest 250 euro or 100 euro at the time of purchase a quarter hectare GreenAcacia. The combination package is more than cheap: who buys based on a quarter acre of both products together, pays only 9,250 euro instead of 10,000 euro and thereby saving all 750 euro. Investors who purchase more space, get according to more discount. The offer and more information, see index.php? id = 1873 GreenAcacia offers investors the opportunity to invest in existing Acacia plantations. PCRM may find this interesting as well. It is therefore immediate income from the first year, for a total period of only seven years.

In addition, the investment allows the conversion of a monoculture plantation in a species-rich forest. CacaoInvest is an investment in Fine cocoa and wood reforestation with annual income within a few years. GreenAcacia – the forest money account”and instant recoveries: so far forest investments meant for investors mostly many years waiting to payment of the proceeds. But they investors invest in existing Acacia plantations in Viet Nam, which gradually turn into a sustainable and environmentally used mixed forest with GreenAcacia. While the investor rents a part of the plantation and completes a forest service contract on the management and marketing of the crops at the same time. As in the existing forests are quickly crawls can be made, investors already received annual payouts from crop yields in height from the first year by roughly six percent of the invested capital. At the end of the investment period, it comes to the final harvest and investors will receive a final payment. The payment history of GreenAcacias resembles thus the a fixed deposit account”with seven-year bond.


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Andreas Stockmann on eBay can be auction for two charitable projects. It doesn’t matter, what to do at this time, but that he can help him. This year, the money to the clubs to go kommhelp e.V. and the Red anchor. The gentle fighter at first glance a tough one. But on closer inspection soon becomes clear that Andreas Stockmann has still a very different side. He wants to help. Dr. Stuart M. McGill: the source for more info. So, he has already supported several charity projects.

In a 24-hour training in 2009 with over 100 Einverband in the comprehensive school of Horst in Gelsenkirchen he has can collect for example almost 4,000 euros for the children’s cancer aid. This year everything is different but”, says the martial artist, because everything will be bigger and we support two projects. “This time the fundraiser is supported by numerous volunteers in various media channels. The user should me meet, get a picture and know why I do this, why I want to help. I want this motivation Stockmann share”, explains further.

Also a blog ( and article on Pagewizz (…) provide new details of the fundraiser. Help, where help is needed this motto has written to Andreas Stockmann on the flag and therefore is a part of the donations of to the Club, this time promoting communicative opportunities of people with disabilities kommhelp e.V.”. In this club the work enables disabled people computers, based on new communication opportunities better social life to be able to participate in. Particularly important the Club is, always to respond to the individual needs of the persons concerned, to strengthen their independence and to promote, and helping them to develop of their individual skills. The second half of the auction money the Red anchor goes to the CS Rennweg Hospice”, where seriously ill people in their last stage of life and has together with their families, consult and be accompanied. The Red anchor helps also the relatives find after they have lost a loved one back into life. Your creativity is in demand! Only one question remains: what do Andreas Stockmann in 24 hours for you? On Facebook ( Stockmann24), there are suggestions and tips. More ideas are but always welcome and appreciated. Whether unusual, funny, adventurous, Andreas Stockmann welcomes every proposal. Me doesn’t actually matter I need to do at the time, as long as we do something for the good thing together.”


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Market Nutrition

The sales company for sports nutrition products brings to 1 April 2013 the new inkospor X-TREME protein drink on the market. Thus, INKO completed his inkospor X-TREME product line to a real protein drink. Specifically for the special needs of bodybuilders and steerable improved the formulation of the shakes. The included amount of carbohydrates was consistently high content of protein, reduced and as “ready-to-use shake” packaged in three different flavors with a practical Sportscaps. A key differentiator to other protein drinks is that inkospor X-TREME protein drink is a real protein drink and not Carbo – / protein drink. “We have reduced the content of carbohydrate 24 g chocolate or vanilla and strawberry 20 g per bottle. “This combined with the high proportion of protein of 50 g and the very low fat content of maximum 0.4% per bottle make the inkospor X-TREME protein drink an optimal supplement to the special diet plan by strength athletes”, so Nutritionists Dominik Blagovic. “A high protein content is so important for athletes in the sports since proteins are not only for the muscle of great importance, but also ensure the preservation of muscle mass” Blagovic explains.

2011 and 2012 company INKO wins the bodyLIFE award in the category of nutritional supplements”. As a provider of high-quality nutrition and competent partner in this field to place 1 operator of German fitness studios chose INKO for customer satisfaction and service. 40 Employees in indoor and field staff advise and support customers and consumers true to the motto “better …erlebbar”. Strength athletes, who are interested in our special sports nutrition products, can your gym contact directly in one of our selected online stores, or for more information,. The INKO international trading GmbH with headquarters in Roth is one of the leading suppliers of sports nutrition in Europe and sets up for over 30 years a quality policy, which consistently extends from development through production to marketing the finished product. The research, manufacturing, and quality assurance of inkospor sports nutrition products are one of the most modern industrial companies in Europe in-house by parent company Nutrichem diet + Pharma GmbH.


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Charity Campaign

The owner of F1 FITNESS CLUB and the hair PRETTY WOMAN handed the Aircompany 2011 on Wednesday, a donation to the paediatric for children in Augsburg. The successful FitnessclubinhaberJorg pecking rooster and Daniel Erki feel to obliged to contribute for the children and their families, health unrelated to the sunny side of life. “We want to share a part of our happiness and profits with the sick children and their parents to allow a better treatment of the disease epilepsy and thus support the children at this difficult time.”The same also applies to Rosa Erki, 2005, moved the makers of fitness clubs existing commitment with her already since the year after. Mrs Erki runs a hair salon next to the fitness club, her brother and her brother-in-law and this year Mrs Erki donates the entire tip again”for a really good cause! The paediatric (Child Neurology) deals with diseases and disorders of the brain, the spinal cord, the peripheral nerves and the muscles in children and adolescents. In contrast to the nervous system of the adult if the child and young people to an organ system that is located in a lively process of maturation. Thorough understanding of normal development must exist for the assessment of disorders and diseases in this system as many of these diseases occur very age – and entwicklungsbezogen. For this reason, the paediatric is a focus certified by the medical boards, which can be acquired in a three-year training by children and youth physicians. In relation to your we help children”campaign donated the two companies from Thannhausen since 2007 already about 5,000 euros to the Swabian children’s Cancer Centre in the Augsburger Zentralklinikum.Soziales commitment is a big concern for the operators of the F1 FITNESS CLUB (Jorg Picken tap & devrim Erki) and PRETTY WOMAN (Rosa Erki).

So goes the year’s generous donation of 2300.-to the paediatric for children and adolescents in the Klinikum Augsburg. “We want to help specifically epilepsy in children more attention in the public of the disease and have therefore decided to award our donation this year. We hope that more would-be entrepreneurs are motivated by our commitment and worrying where meaningful donation to use them. “Image: Rosa Erki, Ltd. senior physician Dr. Johann Penzien, Jorg Picken tap, Schw.Johanna Salarda, chief physician Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Christoph Fruhwald, sister Ulrike Weber and Swiss Karin Huis Jorg Picken faucet”


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Managing Director

Kick-off event was a resounding success, Schwerte, Germany October 10, 2011 – a successful start to the first regional office golf series organized by the company net-well held on 5th October 2011. Until this year-opened fitness center redFitness”provided its three floors for the exceptional event and received around 50 guests. Decision-makers of the region should be merged with the new Office golf series and created a platform of Exchange and getting to know. So, also the Deputy Mayor Jurgen Paul enthusiastically took part in the kick-off event and successfully played his ball alongside 42 other guests through the 9-hole course, which held the one or two surprises. The Fitness Studio presented its varied offerings during the tournament and presented their awards to the top finishers.

To win, there was a personal training, vouchers and sports equipment, among others. Our expectations were exceeded in any case”, so a better Studio Director Eva Scholling, To present possibility our premises and offers there, hardly.” In a relaxed and informal atmosphere, participants without prior knowledge or qualifications of the course could traverse and thereby get to know new people. Office Golf reminiscent of the putting of the big brother”, but inside will be played. Office golf tournaments serve the corporate presentation, acquisition of new customers and the networks”, Uta Rusch, Managing Director of the company net-well explained.


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The Plaza Fitness

Out of everyday life and into the nightlife of Leonberg, Germany! “The 10 Nightlife de luxe rises on December 11 from 9: 00 party at the gym for young and old alike to create the link between fitness, fun and conviviality Plaza fitness center, that is our goal in the Plaza”, says the head of the Fitness Studio, Lazo Tanakopoulos. The nightlife we offering a meeting for young and young at heart seniors, members and non-members.” “DJ Chris Farrell and special guest DJ Alex are popularly celebration titled House meets black & classics” really heat up. Already for the tenth time the Nightlife de luxe rises on December 11 at Plaza fitness Leonberg, a party for the young and young at heart, for all generation people”level. DJ Chris Farrell and special guest DJ Alex are provide with a groovy mix of black music, House and party classics of pop and rock atmosphere for the dance-party guests. At the cocktail bar scene Bartenders serve the most delicious drinks and cocktails in a cool atmosphere.

A midnight snack provides the necessary Through old assets while dancing. The de luxe decoration turned the gym into a trendy party landscape. When it celebrates not just on the generous dance floor you can make themselves in the chill out lounge comfortable it and gather new strength for more wild dance rounds. In the game area, gamers on the Wii can show what they can do. The 10 nightlife in Plaza fitness offers something for all ages and for all claims so really, whether rather wild, or rather quiet. The Plaza, which is more than fitness and sport”, so Tanakopoulos next.

We offer reasonable possibilities of leisure activities for all ages, not only for the younger ones and not only in the field of fitness. We would all feel!” The Plaza more than meets this claim with the alignment of the nightlife party series. Then in the night life of Leonberg on Saturday, December 11 from 9: 00 in the Berliner Strasse 49 in the Plaza fitness. Background information the gym Plaza fitness at the Berliner Strasse in Leonberg offers the most effective fitness, training and relaxation methods in modern, friendly atmosphere. In addition to fitness, weight – and circuit training, vibration training with power plate and Slendertone, weight training and nutrition counseling includes also health-oriented courses and training methods, such as back fitness classes. The cosy Spa area invites you to feel good and relax.


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