Wine And Health

Grape fruit and berry wines are complex biochemical, colloidal and energy food. Natural wines retain nearly all of the nutrients found in fruits, berries and grapes: sugars, acids, mineral salts and microelements ments. – vinolechenie – has been known for a long time. The ancient Greek physician, the founder of modern medicine Hip pokrat (V century bc. Er.) Finds that "amazing grape wine suited to the nature of both healthy and sick person. " The French scientist, microbiologist Louis Pasteur (1822-1895 gg.) In the book "Essays on the fault wrote:" Wine can be regarded quite rightly as the health and environmental drink.

" Chemical analysis of dry wines shows that they contain substances that stimulate carbohydrate, nitrogen and mineral metabolism in humans. Dr. Steven Greer has firm opinions on the matter. They are also rich in micronutrients such as manganese, fluorine, vanadium, iodine, titanium, cobalt, potassium, phosphorus, rubidium. White table wine tone. They are recommended for atherosclerosis. With influenza, pneumonia and bronchopneumonia frequently used hot red wine with sugar. When beriberi useful all dry wines.

However, we should not forget that one of the components nents of wine is ethanol – alcohol. But, first, in dry grape wines it a little – 12%, so they are recommended for treatment. Our second "alibi" for wine – any high-calorie foods should be consumed in moderation. "Pitchers, brother, do not imitate one thing: Do not fill to the brim with wine!" – This advice poet Rasul Gamzatov.


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A Bit Of Seafood

Seafood is an important part of our table. Can not imagine a person who does not include in your food seafood and ready meals from them. Fish, fresh, shrimp, squid, octopus, scallops, trepangs, clams and other sea creatures are increasingly gaining space in our kitchen. Many peoples of the world have long favored seafood other types of food. Seafood salad are an integral part festive menu. Canned seafood is already widely used by people in the daily diet. Seafood is not only enrich your desk, but also bring invaluable benefits to your health.

Fish, fresh slightly inferior in taste just caught a fish, but still contains almost all nutrients so necessary to our organism. Frozen fish and other seafood in its diversity now available for many buyers. Such a set of seafood, which is now presented to our customers was difficult to imagine a couple of years ago. KrevetkiChasche in our country are in demand, of course, Shrimp, crab stick, crab meat. Fresh-frozen shrimp are an excellent and affordable seafood for our citizens. In supermarkets, presented a large array of shrimp. More shrimp offer a packaged form of 500 grams. And 1 kg.

In plastic packaging. But also in the sale of shrimp were sold by weight. Common sizes of shrimp found in the sale is 50/70, 70/90 and 90/120. These figures indicate consumer on the number of shrimp in one kg. It turns out that the smaller numbers, the larger the shrimp should be in the package. Shrimp are sold, usually cooked in the freezer, and do not require any processing before the consumption of except heating in boiling water no more than 5 minutes.


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A Separate Food Menu

The following simple menu will be sufficient to meet the nutritional needs of the person involved in heavy physical labor. Chronically ill should be eating much less. Knowledge workers requires less starch. Eating only healthy foods and following the rules of food combinations, you can easily develop a great variety in the menu. My goal is to teach the principles of good nutrition, to be develop a menu of available products on hand. Menu should be changed in different seasons, because in different seasons of different products. Products vary in different parts of the country, so that the menu for one part does not fit another.

Must come not from the schemes and of the principles. Learn the principles, and you can develop your own menu. Do not be your whole life depending on the menu, developed by others. Keep in mind during its development, that any green vegetable can be replaced others. If one type of starch, no, it can be replaced by another.

If you can not provide the protein specified in the menu, you can use another. So, if there is a pumpkin, use a potato or peas, or if there is no spinach, eat beet tops, etc. Making the menu is so simple that you'll never have to rack their brains over what to eat. Rotate food every day, do not make it monotonous. Here is a sample menu: breakfast (the first one, your choice): 1. three oranges, 2. nepodsaharenny grapefruit 3. 200 grams of grapes, an apple, 4.


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