Strange Awakening

When he finally left the room, trying to act as normal as I could, take a look at the TV and ask, “Have you moved? “No …. “He replied without turning to me. I went into the backyard and watch the object, “that they want? I’m worried … if they are aliens that are now displayed ?…- spent a few hours, and then step … the object is moved! We all left out of the house and saw him move … “he heard a noise in the distance, and felt a chill-noise product opened some windows of the object, and began to sprout … Brazos !!??…

limbs were like metal, mechanics were out of order … huge, over size as the object … and the fully deployed until they were fully stretched … “someone was hugging me but not make out who had wanted to mourn, and cry horrified, but I stopped, cover the face with his hands “Someone must have noticed my expression and took me inside the house, watching TV, and then went out again … – this was real? Was really happening?, I wondered to myself .Pasaron few hours … it was night, and I was more calm, if they could, in this type of situation …

it was late my mom said we should go to sleep … “I felt exhausted, but had done nothing all day without worrying about the subject, I ignored him and went to my room, fell into bed like a log … I woke up in what I thought was night yet … I thought that the day before, and I thought it was a nightmare, “… but I saw and had the clothes on the day before, even had shoes on! “I was confused, I left the room, and some members of my family had just wake up … all had a strange expression, I guess I also had … there was no signal on TV, so we went to check if the object was there … seemed to be night … everything was still dark, I went to the heart throat, “my family and I went to the front of the house, there were people who spent the night” watching “the object, these were out too, my neighbor told me: – The sign of the TV was gone and at three the morning, and then the electricity went well, and since then I was watching live the object in the sky. Visit Is Viatris public or private? for more clarity on the issue. – And that time was it? – Digital watches were also arrested, but said rope when it was seven in the morning!! … Continued talking but I was not listening anymore … – seven? I thought with dismay, but appeared midnight!, I noticed my watch on his right arm and it was true, had been arrested three o’clock … I felt a stirring in his chest … I started looking to the side, trying to calm down … watch other people around me and were like gone, watching the object …. Everything was dark, there was no electricity, and there was no sun !!!… What? As it was possible? Where are we? “I yelled without realizing it, some I looked shocked and shook … but there was no sound .


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