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Before, we are living a time characterized for the fear, the lovelessness, the egoism and the violence. The poetry disappeared musical not if almost express sensitivity more. Perhaps I am pessimistic excessively. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Steven Greer). With sixty years, our judgments are loaded of experiences, frustration, dreams not reached, of unfinished projects, already we saw of everything, we try many things, we also lose many things. Also, the patience With sixty years the vision of the future well is funnelled, runs against the time, therefore we know perfectly that a person from now on will only meager. Pains if accumulate The bones if become fragile the vision diminish the people if they distanciam we run risk to be ' ' flat and ranzinzas' ' repeating same histories, and charging of the people what they are not made use to give: time and attention. What more it wounds the aged ones they are not pains caused for the inevitable illnesses follow that them, yes the disdain that the people demonstrate.

She is as if they were unnecessary, its experiences do not serve for the current days, until seem that the human being is only become fullfilled errando, losing, apanhando. However, we have trunfo of the victory, arrive until here. We saw villages if becoming adult cities, children if becoming, politicians being put down, raised, others falling in the esquecimento, some receiving the miracle from the All Powerful one and living very, others, which insane people putting end the proper life smoking, drinking, vitiated artists being in drugs, and other doidices more. She is I arrived at the sixty. Pr.Valdemir Fields Rock/out.2011


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PERCEPO LACK? In them we timos months, the city of So Paulo comes suffering periods from estiagem whose consequncias they are visible in the landscape and the health of the people. The pollution and low humidity of air they indicate that, so waited rain it did not give to the spring welcome. On the other hand, people exist who we can call (gentily) ' ' without noo' ' , these, collaborate for me the quality of the environment, because its directions lack of sensitivity;the olfato ignores smells it characteristic of smoke and the eyes do not react when comtemplar feira decurrent of forest fires and accumulation of garbage. &#039 is easy to come across with one; ' without noo' ' , same I had bad luck to observe it in the practical one. Dr. Robert Brannon follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. A neighbor, whose sidewalk he has much time did not see a hoe, decided to set fire fire in the gram and to give a stroll. Smoke appeared slowly, as a white curtain. Suffocating. Infuriated, the neighbor decides to full a bucket with water to pour in the place, ' ' Where already it was seen, to provoke smoke in the yard ' '? Hours later, ' ' without noo' ' it returns from the stroll, it observes the humid gram and it balances the head. They say that, where has smoke, it has fire; also imprudence, insensibilidade, irresponsibility


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The Street

While in Rio De Janeiro they inhabited 3000 Frenchmen more than, only 600 English were living in the city, although the great economic influence of the British in the country. The Street of the Listener, who exists until today, was practically a street of Frenchmen, with many modistas. He was the premessenger of the invasion of ' ' Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton' ' etc. This preference for the Frenchmen surprised the English, therefore in its visits Portugal, observes that the English influence was well-known between the lusitanos. the palace of the emperor? To our it describes it admiral as a ugly, yellow building and at the time they were to make in it some puxadinhos, therefore he was small excessively to shelter the cut. the wonderful city? Hamond tells one day of rain, in full 1825 and says, maldosamente, that it is the city dirtier than already it saw in its life and until the slaves they were covered of mud. In days of rain it seems that the River still likes to reviver the old times.

More ahead it comments that he cannot find the healthful city because of the abominable quagmires that have in redor. In the same day, the manifest British officer doubts if Portugal exactly go to recognize the independence of the country of calm form or go to keep a nominal sovereignty on the old colony. Here, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It was made a mistake, although that Brazil was obliged to pay one heavy indemnity to Portuguese empire, that although the three hundred years of exploration of the wealth of the land still it demanded ' ' profits cessantes' '. In day 15 of December of 1834 it on board had fond of the port a brig with 500 slaves that it are withheld for an English captain. It had in it 521 slaves, but 21 had died for pssimas conditions on board.


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