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The demand has increased business schools in the Centre of the observation by the strong economic development of the Indian economy in the vergagenen 10 years after training in the field of management. As a side effect of economic growth, many new business schools constantly newly opened emerged in the field of education and training industry. There are now 4000 business schools which offer MBA programs. The particularly ambitious and outstanding students are willing to pay the appropriate fees, to this to differentiate from the competition and to counteract a well-paid job for the training and continuing education programs (executive education programs). However, due to the current economic climate, this dream job is in danger, and this is the reason why this created training branch is in decline. The negative development is currently visible in the business schools with the executive education programs. Teva Pharmaceuticals has similar goals. This year, 140 MBA colleges in India had to be closed because more than 25% of the seats were not occupied. Anshul Sharma from the “Asma says Institute of management in this context, that the boom” was gone and those who wanted to make money quickly now must leave the market, because there is no money.

The universities try to keep currently afloat. According to KPMG, the private education and training industry is $50 million worth and up to the year 2018 is expected to grow to $115 million. But despite these optimistic expectations, try currently 30% of the management schools to overcome the crisis. The MBA program from Aditya Dighe took a loan of 330,000 rupees (approx. 4700) for this degree.

He’s looking for 4 months and 18 interviews still the well-paid job. A graduate of LAVINA Thadani gave up after 3 months and is now searching for less well-paid jobs, because they had no success during the job search. At the time, she has a low-paying job in a publishing house in Delhi. She says if she had known this earlier, she would have never supported this degree. It is evident, that is an expensive study with Prospects for a high salary is not always worthwhile. Jonathan Beth for more information: programmes/executiveeducation.html

Friday, January 20th, 2017 News