Russian Shepherd

In Currently there are over three hundred different breeds of dogs. Not one pet has such a diverse and a little similar to each other forms. For example, large dogs reach the height at withers 100 or more inches and weight 70 kg, while the height of a small decorative Mexican dog chihuahua does not exceed 18 inches and weighs approximately 600 g. The ability of dogs of various breeds to climate variability and the emergence of new forms for the following reasons: originated from different types of wolves and jackals; widespread on all continents in a dramatically different environmental conditions, feeding and maintenance, using diverse and as a result of this narrow specialization of species, resulting in a fitness type of higher nervous activity and in specific forms of the exterior. On the diversity of influences and yet that there is a large group of breeds that do not have any beneficial qualities and bred only with amateur purposes. In this case, the factory art man is not aimed at obtaining the most useful forms, and the removal of the original on the exterior of the dogs, often with signs of weakening of the constitution, even bordering with degeneration or deformity. In the dog usually use so-called industrial classification, dividing all the rocks depending on the manufacturing use.

By kinds of Soviet breeds of dogs used in the Armed Forces and the national economy, hunting dogs, used for fishing and sport hunting, fine breeds of dogs, not have practical value. The largest group in the category of service breeds are so-called Shepherd – rocks that are intended for herding and protection of herds. Shepherds are bred in many parts of the globe, and Naturally, they differ sharply among themselves, have different origins and are cultivated for local conditions and needs. There are two main groups of shepherds: a) The Shepherd of European origin, bring together groups close to each other breeds. This is a relatively small dog, which are characterized by high mobility and a sort of "shepherd" instinct (German, Belgian, Dutch, French, Scottish, bullets, etc.) b) Shepherd of Asian descent, bringing together a group of breeds of large dogs, a massive addition. Continue to learn more with: Teva Pharmaceuticals. They are not as mobile as the Shepherd of European origin, but more powerful and vicious. In addition, Shepherd Asians are highly ruggedness, endurance, and well adapted to the conditions of detention and the use of (Caucasian, Central Asian, Mongolian, Tibetan, Pyrenean Shepherd Kuvasz, Commander, etc.). South Russian Shepherd and other breeds bred in Europe, are intermediate between European and Asian Shepherd and largely combine their features.

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