Psychological Preparation Programs A Child Hospitalization

The objectives of psychological preparation to hospitalization programs are: objectives in the short term: 1. prevent or reduce anxiety, pain, and discomfort, providing information to the nino.2. Encourage the expression emocional.3. Facilitate cooperation and participation in the curas.4. Establish a trust relationship between the child and the health personnel, to inform the padres.5. Accelerate recovery. Long-term objectives: 1.

increase fitness to face the experiencia.2. Improve the autocontrol.3. Promote positive attitudes towards care sanitarios.4. Minimise the potentially destructive effects of hospitalization on the normal processes of development. Separation from parents. In the majority of cases, it is ideal that a parent accompanies the child during hospitalization all the time that you can be. However, the child’s needs must be carefully balanced with the needs of the family. Some parents, for example, must be encouraged to leave the hospital in order to attend to their other sons and their own physical and emotional needs.

Numerous investigations have found the benefits of having parents present during painful medical procedures (although their presence can also increase the child’s anxiety when the father or mother is especially anxious). The paternal presence may also help at other times, as in the case of proceed voluntarily to anesthesia.While the staff encourages the participation of parents in the daily care of the child, it should promote relations with parents who are not competitive. Early Guide: 1. to facilitate an effective preparation to children for the hospitalization experience, it is useful to know the strengths and vulnerabilities of parents and child that will affect the response to the experience. 2. Children should be prepared prior to a scheduled hospitalization. However, when doing so is less obvious. In fact, the age and personality of the child must be considered. For example, when a child in age or preschool eager to be you must notify with an interval of only 2 – 3 days between the preparation and the procedure, because over long periods of time increases the tension.

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