The year’s Oscar ceremonies will be exciting? Of course, they will be! But this is not only on the question of who will have the coveted trophy at the end of the evening, no, rather it will be the scandals and problems. Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are without a doubt to the A-list of Hollywoodschaupieler. But how will they behave when they meet at the Oscars. The press is over with their headlines. Is safe: it is the first meeting of the three, after the separation of Brad and Jennifer and the subsequent family foundation of Brad and Angelina. Jennifer would like to go, but she don’t know whether not a disaster will happen, as an insider.

A source told Usmagazin.com, that Aniston will come, if their schedule allows. The entrance fee for card minimum is 25 000 dollars. The proceeds from the sale of the cards goes to the motion picture Television Fund. Exactly three years ago, the Oscars were the last joint appearance by Brad and Jennifer. A additional pressure: Angelina and Brad seem to be really happy. It is probably still very painful be for Jennifer, Brad with Angelina so quickly could have their own children. But Aniston seems to be ready.

“She told me that it no longer wants to avoid a clash, however, was the thing with Brad and Angelina to be very painful”, as a friend of the actress. A confidant of Brad Pitt said that his appearance will determine all last minute to Usmagazin.com. We must be curious. But do you really expect a disaster?


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Hardcore Motorcycle Riders

The season for winter bikers start manual with valuable tips for Bekjleidung and equipment for winter bikers and ice-cold travel stories. You are on the road with their motorbikes in ice and snow. You slide on ice roads in Norway and climb snowy Alpine roads. For them, snow chains and start-up assistance are standard equipment in the luggage. The speech is of the motorcyclists winter. We satisfy the hunger for information at first hand on the subject of motorcycle riding in the winter”with the first edition we WINTER driver. With the present edition we winter driver the cult magazine Winter driver will revive again. New format and content concept give the opportunity to provide even more information and fantastic winter stories expanded. In the handy format 160 x 230 mm, the winter driver on over 140 pages finds a wide variety of information, covering all facets of this fascinating topic: overview of the equipment to the icy hardcore adventure in ice and snow, from technical tips up to Date reviews and meeting reports. Thousands of winter drivers can’t be wrong: the winter is a season. We WINTER driver published by Martin Franitza ISBN: 978 3-9804814-4-1 format: 160 x 230 mm 144 pages price: 14.80 Euro Martin Franitza


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Federal Statistical Office

Weiblliche specialists in management: a trend of the future? There but still long enough, although more and more women in leadership positions. And although we are currently experiencing a shortage of skilled workers in virtually all industries. So what prevents us women to move into leadership positions and to establish ourselves in the long run there? And more importantly: How do we overcome these obstacles? Future trend women are women in terms of education on the rise. 54% of all high school graduates are women, reports the Federal Statistical Office. 50% of all students are female. Additional information is available at Dr. Stuart M. McGill.

The statistics only worse looks when we look at the number of women in leadership positions. Where the proportion of women also increases, especially in women under 30 years of age. Over 30, there are fewer and fewer women in the Executive Suite, corresponding to the growing family Foundation. Want to so we increase the quota of women in Manager post, we need to ensure a better child care. The example France he still makes it, what is prompt in higher birth rates affects. What makes women as executives, is their good organization ability, especially if they have children. In addition, that women take fewer risks. Many say that not existed the real estate and financial crisis two years ago, when women had headed the local businesses.

What prevents us in all the great facilities we should ask ourselves, what prevents us except children else, to take a leadership position. It is our thinking and our behavior. Women tend to underestimate themselves. We must be ig secure in something already 100% clear to say I can do it. Still a great modesty comes to own contempt. Perhaps that is still the aftermath of our poetry books, which was: be like the violet in the Moose, modest, demure and pure and not like the proud rose, who wants to be always admired.

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North America

Recently it was published, by the Bottom of Population of the United Nations, the report on ” state of the world-wide population 1999″ that, among others average, also the Republic of the Domingo had diffusion through Newspaper ancestor. That almost demonic number of six billions of people drew attention to me who today live on this planet. 6,000,000,000 of human beings who eat, drink, sleep, use the services public, spend, reproduce, interchange, are transported and, in short, they fight minute by minute with all the daily adversities to subsist the sixty and six years in average that will last its ephemeral existence. By all means, the greater proportion of the growth of 78 million beings every year undergoes the Third World, to all the consequences that it brings, in opposition to which happens in Europe, North America and Japan where the growth, route increase of rate of natality, was practically congealed. The countries are then poorest those than they will have to support that terrible attack most of of the human ones on the renewable and nonrenewable natural resources, the biodiversity, the ecosystems, the environment and everything what the enormous and unique wealth composes of those nations. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. Corollaries of this extreme growth: ” the 4.800 million people who inhabit the countries in via of development, about two thousand nine hundred million lack of basic cleaning, almost thousand six hundred million lack access to water noncontaminated, thousand two hundred million lack adapted house, almost billions do not have access to modern services of health and, in the regions less advanced, fifth from the children primary education degree of or bsica” does not arrive to the fifth;.

But six billions of human beings on this smallest planet in the universe very many people are done to us that we will be able to say of the overcrowding in that our greats-grandchild will live! Soon, in the 2050 nothing else, this enormous number will have grown in a 50%: humans, about nine billions will be then, and so on until only God knows when. Now us we reproduce much less fast that for twenty years, reason for which we will have ” dividend demogrfico” that it must result in a growth of the saving and the investments in the poor countries. But that will not be sufficient. The present democracies will have to deliver an attack extraordinary to extend very many plus the covers of their services of health and education, fundamental pillars of the human development, question this that happens through successful campaigns anti-corruption and the fortification of the social policies of the States. Yes. If the population grew as it is projected for the next century, they will be indispensable, more and more, classes leaders with more heart and less pockets, more personal values and less interests, with more will to act to the benefit of unprotected and the less commitments with the powerful ones. Otherwise, the humanity, every more abundant and poorer day, will arrive at a little while of intolerance in which it will only think to do to bad what his governments did not want to remedy by the democratic, institutional and legal routes. Then we will begin to ” decrecer” vertiginously. As much that already never we will be the same of today more.


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European Central Bank

The majority of the large investors expected that the loose monetary policy of the European Central Bank will continue and historically interest rates will remain low. St. Gallen, 12.11.2013. These are the Central findings of a recent survey by the German investment company universal. Thus, nearly 90 percent of the surveyed large investors expect no long-term success of current monetary policy.

This policy is to buy time, but eliminate any fundamental economic difficulties. How to generate a decent return without going to high risk? Large investors who want a chance risk balance, need to revisit just their plants. Government bonds are unpopular with many investors. One-fifth of respondents wants to increase its equity exposure, where many share quotas of insurance, financial departments of industrial and service companies, as well as from foundations are already not very high and an increase in this segment should become hardly noticeable. High in the course are currently alternative investments and that want to extend major investors. Here, the survey shows that many large investors want to appreciate but also equity capital (private equity”), but otherwise like to invest their money to fixed or at least good predictable returns: be called investments in real estate, infrastructure and loans.

Mainly long-term corporate loans are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. As a result of the financial crisis, many banks have to reduce their presence in long-term lending. Companies, however, in any case, those with an ordinary credit must not leverage renounce. The issuance of corporate bonds in Germany has increased in recent years. A market for tradable credits forms, because many big investors are liquid and fixed interest income with little risk of failure might be interested. The demand by large investors to long-term loans increasing sharply. This other, at first glance are interesting non-obvious sectors of the economy. Finally interested in not only German large investors for loans to German companies. Foreign investors seem motivated companies to invest in, which are considered solid debtor.


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Greetings from the Ship Alpha! We have said some times already that the situation in 2010 will be difficult, we see if it from a physical point of view, but very beneficial and of a great advance at inner level for all those that the planet and its living creatures are working by. Official site: PCRM. Although there will be some planetary events in some concrete places, nothing must disturb them nor separate them from the work that must do in these times of change at world-wide level. They have our asseveration of which nothing will happen to them, because we are monitoring to them to all you, so that in any case of danger we pruned to go immediately in its rescue. Some of you you have been contacted even previously, although they do not remember it consciously, and a microChips in determined part of their anatomy has been implanted them, that better we did not reveal its precise location, so that they can at any time be located that we need to know their whereabouts exact. Absolutely they must take this like a loss of its freedom and privacy, since ours intention is solely to help them with quickness in case they need aid or aid some type, or towards you yourself or towards whom it is next to you. There are people of his planet (Earth) who already have reached a great spiritual development, and that satisfies us totally and it makes us feel us very proud of you, because we know that they are not in the suitable atmosphere to take a spiritual life. However, the Light in some souls is so powerful that it dissipates the dark that struggles to penetrate in its minds and their habits. We can, by means of our latent psychic faculties, harness and increase the Light that there is in you, but cannot change the erroneous decisions that can take, in case they are mistaken, because it is precise that also they learn through error and the rectification of that committed error. .


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Internet Connection

StarCom opts in provision of DSL entbundeltes DSL Munich, 02 June 2009 that StarCom offers its customers a complete VOIP and DSL connection, first of all is nothing new: over two years, the telephone company sold its complete fares, which however were realized in the past about the partner QSC and due to its limited network expansion nationwide not provided could. That meant in plain language that DSL still turned in areas where QSC was not yet available, the Deutsche Telekom network a disadvantage for the customer, if this was actually completely switch to StarCom. Now however, this has an end: StarCom IP bitstream access (IP-BSA) top link has expanded its product portfolio and is now able to offer the entire Federal territory entbundeltes DSL. To the Internet more is required for access immediately no telephone connection, what of StarCom with the new slogan the Telekom Loslosegarantie”is applied. The customers, the sign up for the Connection full takeover decide in conjunction with DSL by Starcom, entertain no business relationship in the future more to Deutsche Telekom and achieve such a high cost transparency, reflected inter alia in the invoice only an instead of two so far. With the expansion of our range we reach more customers than previously to the one who could so far not use but also those wishing to be completely independent of Deutsche Telekom DSL”, reported the StarCom Board. Just this last aspect was against the background that the ex-monopolist currently announces the shutdown of the ISDN connection its customers this year, particularly important. In a press release from May 6 the Association of providers of telecommunications and value added services (VATM) had recommended consumers to forgo on the telecom connection and choose safe alternatives at other vendors.” And what can offer StarCom, where still no DSL available? The “Business line to: for these cases, we offer cheap preselection-rates and our new free dial-up software, with each customer without DSL via its analog connection can use the Internet inexpensive.”


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SharePoint Services

The soluzione learning world for Windows 7 and Office 2010 gets shipped immediately with gadget. The gadget placeable on the Windows 7 Desktop provides direct access to the learning platform. Munich September 2010. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Neal Barnard. The soluzione learning world for Windows 7 and Office 2010 gets shipped immediately with gadget. The gadget placeable on the Windows 7 Desktop provides anytime access to all learning and support functions of the Munich-based e-learning platform. As companies and organizations in which the soluzione learning world for Windows 7 and Office 2010 is used benefit from a performanteren still learning on demand. soluzione is traditionally for learning on demand. The Munich-based learning experts agree that enterprise-wide software qualifications are most effective if employees build their skills directly at the workplace, during the operations phase of the new software? And the new Windows 7 gadget is another consistent step in this direction. Gain insight and clarity with Robert Davis.

Once launched and placed on the desktop, the gadget provides direct access to all Content and support functions of the Munich-based e-learning platform for Windows 7 and Office 2010. While certain buttons can on the surface of the gadget on demand be – or hide. For individual handling. Although soluzione has integrated its e-learning platforms have always been about additional buttons and controls in the interface of the user software to suit. With the gadget but a new level of independence is achieved: “our learning environments to Office 2007 and Office 2010 we have shipped so far along with the so-called add-in technology. This means that in addition in Office integrated buttons allow direct access to the respective learning platform. Such a fusion of application software and training technology is of course for MS Office packages.

But not all program interfaces have equally good conditions for this concept. Windows 7 or SharePoint Services are such cases.”says Frank Roda, Managing Director of soluzione knowledge company. These limits are eliminated with the gadget. Independently of the subject of the training the small desktop control center allows you to a learning-on-demand, as it was possible only with the help of add-in technology. Only requirement: Windows 7 as operating system. soluzione has played through first several alternative ideas in the development of gadgets – also placing additional buttons “our interface however studies have shown in the taskbar of Windows 7, that the gadget is clearly the better choice. Because first, taskbar often with many icons are occupied. Not really invite additional buttons for use in this heterogeneous conglomeration of less pixel of large icons. Secondly, the taskbar is an area that must hold permanently as much space for managing program Windows. But above all taskbar are handling here less flexible what size, format, and also positioning on the screen goes to”explains Frank Rodadie decision for the format Gadget. More information: / (Alexander Schinz)


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Shoe Shopping Online Without Returns

Fraunhofer Society participates in external start-up companies that Duisburg company of mifitto GmbH offers an individual and precise fitting advice for online shopping of footwear, which avoids unnecessary returns. The technology of the foot measurements and the dimensions of the shoes are exactly measured and matched, was developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated circuits IIS. In October, the Fraunhofer Society participated in the mifi tto GmbH. The Fraunhofer Society supports not only companies from its own ranks, but encourages those who use Fraunhofer technology. To buy shoes online, is now as easy as ever.

Large online mail order houses offer a huge selection of shoes, which easily can be filtered according to different categories such as color, brand and size. But just when the shoe size of the shipping trade reaching its limits. Dr. Stuart M. McGills opinions are not widely known. Everybody knows it: fail shoes of different manufacturers differ greatly. Can a shoe size at a manufacturers fit, be too small for the other. The consequence of this is that customers order not only the size of a model, but two or three to choose from.

The disappointment of customers is large, if no matching shoes with despite. And also the retailer is dissatisfied with this type of fitting, because this not only extra work incurred. Returns are the great challenge of e-commerce, which give the companies up to now high cost,”explains the need for a reliable size recommendation for online shipping co-founder Thomas Harmes. Size advice the customer can bypass more selective with his orders. This saves not only costs, but also positively affects the environment. Discharge of transport routes and the resulting reduction of in CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced when the customers order only shoes and clothing that fits them,”are sure the founders Dominic Kohler and Dominik Lessel. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in in external start-up Fraunhofer venture primarily supports spin-offs from the Fraunhofer institutes and advises them on start-up and financing issues.


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Venezuela Wasted Its Tourism

Carlos Mora Vanegas Cuesta much accept that a country with so much natural beauty, landscapes that ranging from mountain, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, lakes, seas, Plains, faunas and incomparable female beauty, tourism marketing, wasted by the little integration of the Government to promote plans, tourist not only you provide economic inputs, that allow to develop as it should be the tourist activity that generates employment programsdevelopment for the regions and allow to give the world to know what the country’s natural riches. There is definitely a lack of political culture in the management of those who have ruled the country, wasting entries in currencies that would favour him economically and in the development of each region. There are many cities in the country that could benefit from this, as Merida, Margarita, Caracas, Maracaibo, place de la Cruz, Barquisimeto, ciudad Bolivar, among others, unfortunately not been taken seriously involving tourism, its scope and repercussions, even by the authorities of each State, region of the country that has not taken advantage of their large resources that have. Is should go to develop a tourist culture in order to activate that tourism benefits when know you manage and market, taking into account that guarantee a good tourist marketing, requires having people trained, developed for this, in addition to all the necessary means that allow a disclosure more accessible to consumers, people interested in leveraging, sastifacerse of all the attractions that can be offered for your rest, joy, peace of mind and enjoyment. For assistance, try visiting Dr. Neal Barnard. Rafael Beaoufond tells us, that is keep in mind, that, without a doubt, tourism constitutes an appropriate vehicle for obtaining foreign currency to: 1. stimulate the economy 2. Compensate chronic deficits afflicting a country in its balance commercial. 3 Reduce dependence on external loans, whose interest increases incessantly, subtracting economic resilience to the resources of the debtor country must promote a better integration of the policies of the Government for tourism development and consider that tourism is a major generator of employment, both qualified personnel without qualification.

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