May appear and numbness or tingling. You can put a pillow under your feet, and can be placed under the edge mattress is a thick book to slightly raise it. To get rid of numbness, to move his fingers. It is also well before bedtime to wash his feet with cool water, do a light massage (slack stroking motion), moving below the knee, and lubricate any drug that improves blood circulation in the limbs – troksevazinovoy ointment liotonom, ginkor-forte, etc. If you want to eat at night is banal, it is best to get up and go to the kitchen than lie down and suffer. It should not be abundant and sumptuous meal, especially if you put on a diet because the weight comes too quickly.

The same glass of milk in combination with bread, whole-grain toast, a cup herbal tea, for expectant mothers (in the absence excited in addition). Piece of cheese, lean ham, curd cheese, apple can solve the problem of a brutal night of hunger. Many are preparing themselves in the evening, this night snack. In order not to get up and do not find that absolutely everything is eaten and the refrigerator is empty, you need to make these details in the list of products for purchase. But do not get carried away at night, cocoa, chocolate, sweets in general. It may enter into habit, and because the night "brakes" more relaxed, you can eat more than you want and can realistically be. Often it is difficult to sleep at night if the day had the opportunity to sleep – especially in the hospital for the conservation, where simply doing nothing and sleeping during the day of boredom to kill time.

Usual activities during the day – reading, knitting and chatting – may not be available at night. In addition to knitting woolen threads and in general large-scale knitting can be prohibited for reasons of hygiene. For this case, we can recommend a thin knitting crochet thread from reel to reel – easy to hide in his pocket. What to knit? Yes, even the edge of handkerchiefs with lace lace – will be feeling is not in vain spent time as it creates the visible material value, and time itself will be faster. And if anyone seriously interested in your knitting, this could be the beginning of a lifelong friendship: "We met when both lay on the preservation of the first child, and she kept knitting … "If the plague is not the pain, not some weird sensation in the back, then out, oddly enough, one: get on all fours or on her knees, elbows. For the back, which "Pulled" the pregnancy (and generally for the spine), this may be the most comfortable posture. Relief can bring the same pose upside down: lift your feet, knees bent so that the lumbar curve pressed the floor or bed – or planted under the back of a flat pad. Try to sleep half-sitting, placing a pillow under your back – for many, it generally turns out to be the only way to get to sleep. In addition, it helps snoring, that might occur due to edema nasopharynx. Raging toddler can soothe stroking, talking, purring lullaby. Take any sleeping pills, even the most advanced and "harmless" not! Only a doctor can decide whether they will. He should recommend and sedatives of plant origin – motherwort etc.

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