According to numerous surveys, research psychologists, chronobiology come to the same conclusion: in the weekly rhythm of performance varies considerably industrial workers and employees – on Monday about low productivity, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, it increases and then on Friday and Saturday again reduced. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Similar dynamics is observed in performance of pupils and students. It follows very simple especially daily and weekly biorhythms can maintain a high rabotosposobnost.Govorya only on high performance of students, workers and employees, we must not forget that at the same time to maintain at a high level of health of schoolchildren, students and employees. According to research by another famous German Friedrich Halberg Chronobiology, there is also a weekly frequency of intellectual, emotional and physical manifestations. That is, during the week human performance is uneven and varies within certain limits. In the early days it increases, reaching the highest level on the third day and then gradually week cycle for pupils, students and employees is a health indicator. Only with a good level of health possible high performance and productivity.

and / pupils, students: 1.Obem school, university program must meet the level of the student and the student and in no case should not overload ego. / The amount of school curricula, in the opinion of specialists, most of the leading countries in the world than more than permissible limits of 30-50% annually and continues to grow / 2.All lessons and practical exercises to build, given the daily and weekly biorhythms. 3.In the weekend to recover from a special program. If Ministry of Education does not comply with the first two sections, and parents will not take into account the need and importance of rest their children of school age during the weekend, there will be deterioration not only of educational indicators, but also deterioration of general health uchaschihsya.Budet observed constant nagging, chronic physical and nervous exhaustion, which can be interpreted as chronic fatigue syndrome.

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