Military Colony River

Had to the Jata Port to be strategical point in relation to the defense of borders with the neighboring countries and to be commercial route binding the province of the Paran to the Mato Grosso, D.Pedro II signs the Imperial Decree n 751 of 02 of January of 1.851 creating the Military Colony of Jata, for intermediary of the Baron of Antnina. Long ago known as Jata colony, established for particular initiative of the Baron of Antonina in 1850, Jataizinho is an important urban occupation the edges of the river, vestibule of entrance for the Dam of Capivara. Many mansions in this city used for the leisure exist, but the majority disrespects in the distance minimum for the construction in the edges of the river. After the city of Jataizinho, the natural vegetation gave to place the great areas of plantations. With the construction of the barrage of Capivara in the River Paranapanema, the estuary of the Tibagi was all modified. The dam today is used for the leisure. Many mansions alternated with great properties are the scene around of the dam.

In interviews with fishing of this region, it are evidenced that many farms make use of agrotxicos in the plantations; this agrotxico that many times is deposited by airplanes, is for contaminating the river. According to local the fiscalization has been very branda in these cases. Another serious problem is the inexistence of ciliar bush in the edges of the dam. With the increase of the level of the river for the construction of the barrage, the original ciliar bush is all flooded, and it did not have none practises of vegetal reconstitution. Many cities are to the edge of the dam, and make use of its waters for the leisure, however it is important to stand out the necessity of conservacionistas projects to guarantee ' sade' of the river.

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