Metabolic Syndrome

What I made to reduce 15 kgs in 4 months, was to convince me that tapeworm that to change of form to feed to me, to improve my health and to reach a weight near the ideal. It is important to indicate that also me convenci of which tapeworm that to reduce the levels of stress that tapeworm, since that factor, combined with the overweight, causaria me sooner or later some type of disease of which podria not to recover to me easily, so that I put myself to investigate different nutritional systems, and investigating averigue the following thing: Stress is the main cause of diseases like Cancer. The bad feeding and overweight are the main cause of Cancer, Metabolic Syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, ACVs, etc. In order to eliminate stress aprendi to meditate, all the days I rise 4.30am to meditate (it does not have to make this to go down of weight). That has changed to me deeply like person, no longer I discuss, I do not judge, acceptance the things like are and not like desearia I who was.

In order to know what is a good feeding, first we must know clearly so that the human being feeds itself. With proteins the body makes muscles, we can to obtain proteins of the animal meats, fish and birds, also of grains, like caraotas, chick-peas, etc. The carbohydrates are the fuel provision so that the body works. There are carbohydrates of low quality, like sugar and the flours refined, that the only thing that contributes to the organism is calories, without no nutritious value. There are carbohydrates of high quality or complexes, like integral flours and vegetables. Also it is necessary to consider that the digestive process in the human body is fulfilled in three stages, each from approximately 8 hours. Food ingestion, digestion or assimilation of the same and the chemical decontamination stage.

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 News