Light TsvetChelovek

Interesting information about light and color. What is color? Color is the effect of light waves on the retina of our eyes. It is possible that, therefore, established one of the most important relationship with our inner world. If you mix all colors of the spectrum, we get white. If we mix all the paint, then we get black. This means that no light hits the retina of our eyes. If, for example, go into the sunlight in a black car, it very quickly heats up as the black surface absorbs all light rays.

The white surface reflects the rays of the same in all colors of the visible spectrum. Colors are arranged, depending on the wavelength of light, in a circle: yellow on one side becomes orange, and on the other – is bordered with green. Orange goes into the red and the red in violet, then – deep blue, which, through blue to green, thus closing the circle. Placed in the circle against each other paint has a curious feature: when mixed they always form a gray color. Komplektarnye color. Standing next to have the maximum contrast effect.

And the art of pop art is so strong that affects up to pain in his eyes. Color forming such combinations, called komplektarnymi. This example, a pair of yellow – purple, blue – orange and red and green. In addition, distinguish colors of the two halves of the circle: from red- purple to yellow – warm. From yellow – green to purple – cold.

Friday, February 25th, 2011 News