Land Massage

When a person comes to a massage therapist with a bad back, therapist sees what emotions people experienced in recent years, and knows where they are, these emotions live. With the help of massage techniques massage affects muscle zone blocking, clearing them and releasing the emotions and hormones, who settled there. The result of these sessions will be a significant improvement in your health, vitality, strength and energy flow. You become more calm and happy – it will be noticed and your colleagues, and, of course, your family and friends. Massage techniques To date, there are many different massage techniques that allow you to work on various systems of our body.

This means that the massage has become more individual, and the opportunity to help in every case – is much higher. So, especially with bright and popular (in effectiveness) of today are the Spanish technique, presented by the Institute of manual (hand) Technologies, Barcelona. Here, each technique can lead to a greater extent "conversation" with any particular system of the body. Sedative techniques will lead to order your thoughts and feelings, will give you the confidence and calm. Recommended to all, adults and children. It is through these techniques are often removed a large number of health problems and emotional nature of the muscle. There is a good expression, which explains the miraculous these techniques, – "Woe from Wit." As soon as the order comes in and acquire the clarity of our thoughts, the body triggers the self-healing. With the vascular technician massage will help to clear your the body of toxins (which are produced in large quantities every day), to saturate your muscles and organs of oxygen and nutrients.

This removes excess fluid from the body, give the skin a healthy color and elasticity. Recommended for pregnant women, those who have suffered trauma and surgery, those who spend much time in the gym, those who took drugs for a long time, before and after plastic surgery, people suffering edema of various origins, etc. Musculo-articular techniques – with their help, the therapist will return your muscles to the joints and ligaments strength, flexibility and health. Recommended for those who have too little time in the simulator halls and devotes time active lifestyle. For those who know what the term "physical inactivity". Information provided by the fitness club "Kimberley Land"

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