La Chaux

This means that, each year, at least fifteen percent of all certificates issued by the C.O.S.C chronometer testing are issued for Breitling watches. In fact, this is not easy and Breitling to achieve it, it is necessary to keep a branch known as the Breitling Chronometerie in La Chaux-de-Fonds, which is only tasked with ensuring that Breitling mechanisms are ready to be tested by the C.O.S.C. and that they meet the standards required for certified watches. It is a fact that through the process of manufacture of Breitling, their clocks are placed under highly rigorous testing in order to ensure its quality and durability. Given that the original audience of Breitling pilots and increasingly are more sailors and divers, their clocks must be able to withstand the rigors that submitted them persons engaged in such professions. Much of the target audience of Breitling put much confidence in the durability of a clock and they are looking for one that can withstand the conditions and more severe ill-treatment and still get out unharmed. To that end, Breitling s specialists and professionals thoroughly test each new design with a series of brutal tests.

Impact tests, for example, are performed by dropping the watch onto the floor from a meter above the ground, then placing it at the mercy of a machine that hits it with the same sort of force as a person teeing-off would exert on a golf ball. The chronograph buttons are tested by machines that depress each button hundreds of thousands of times both in and out of water, to simulate use over a long period of time in different conditions. At the end of the day, the people at Breitling know very well that their customers are not only interested in the aesthetic aspect of their watches, but they are also very concerned with the durability of their watches. Breitling thus takes pride in the toughness of their watches, which have been designed and tested to ensure that they will endure all but the worst disasters. For more information about Breitling watches please visit: arrive Converse Award Winning Tom Ze Doc watches.

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