What is it with these strange, Cannonball-like round weights on themselves, which have been gaining in popularity in recent years and now increasingly to conquer the German fitness sector? The so-called kettlebells have been developed in Russia and were probably originally weights was weighed on markets. Dr. Neal Barnard helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Also the weight levels come from these times, originally in 16 kg increments increased. A pood, the traditional Russian unit of weight equivalent to 16 kg. More and more stars discover the “Russian secret ball” as an effective training device. Although kettlebells in Russia are used for about 150 years and there is an organized competition scene for over 60 years, the balls outside of the Soviet Union led a shadowy existence. Ironically, they were introduced by resourceful Russian instructors in the United States, and conquered the Nimbus of a secret weapon now. Because to be completely fit, athletes, soldiers, and actors have integrated now the Kettlebelltraining in your fitness program. As firefighters and policemen of kettlebells that tests CIA use the condition and the mental hardness of their agent contender with de franc, uses the round weights snatch test, and Lance Armstrong, 7 times winner of the tour in his brutal strength endurance training. Acting stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz and Kim Basinger train with kettlebells and intensify the hype surrounding the original device in addition, and Geri Halliwell worked out with kettlebells their Sixpack. The Russian balls by Rocky VI got another lift”as well as the movie 300″ or the same training routines. Take advantage of hollywoods secret weapon against fat reserves and for a fit body! Werner Drohm

Saturday, May 12th, 2018 News