A composed humanity of people ' ' educada' ' in this way she would be sufficiently similar to a creeps. in fact seems that it is. However this education, overwhelming condicionante and, are the favourite of almost all. The child does not have to be what she is, does not have to carry through its potentiality, does not have to advance for its road, does not have to develop its qualities. It has obligation to become equal we, to develop our will according to, of covers the way that we choose, to value the quality that we judge good.

We are infallible and perfect, and of this axiom we leave to shape our children. To our image and similarity, understood good, as well as made God. Responsibility Here it is one of the instruments most expensive to the sexual repression: the responsibility. To exercise the sexuality she is necessary to be responsible. the child, is known, cannot be responsible. Nor the young. The responsibility arrives with the mature age, when it arrives.

For many it never does not arrive, and for all its life these will be irresponsible and inapt judgeships for all sexual relation. The rebels, the contestadores, the non-conformist ones, the originals, the free thinkers, not lined up, the jokers, the sonhadores, the utopians, all are irresponsible. If exercise of the sexuality wants to hinder somebody it is enough to say that this somebody does not have responsibility sense. is what it is said all of that one that does not respect the rules of the game imposed by the system. Responsible, in short, he would be that one that exercises the proper sexuality in the conditions of the customs effective, given that the submission to the customs seems to be the only guarantee considered valid for the guardianship of the person human being. The speech of the sexofbico moralismo is sufficiently subtle: if you make love with a young you must marry it; if he spends its energies in the sex will not sobrar none for the accomplishment of its duties; if you, woman, lose the virginity, are depriving its friend of a good that it has right; if you join a person you are of the marriage institution you will be in a socially bothering situation, and so on.

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