History XX The Toyota Motor Corporation was founded in September 1933 when Toyoda Automatic Loom created a new division dedicated to the production of automobiles under the direction of the founder’s son, Kiichiro Toyoda. Shortly thereafter, the division produced its first Type A Engine in 1934, which was used in the first Model A1 in May 1935 and the G1 truck in August 1935. Production of the Model AA began in 1936. Although the Toyota Group is best known today for its cars, is still in the textile business and still produce automatic looms and electric sewing machines which are available worldwide. Toyota Motor Co. was established as an independent company in 1937. Although the founding family name is Toyoda ( ), the company name was changed to mean the working lives of the founders of family life, simplify the pronunciation, and to give the company a happy EnTrust Capital beginning.Toyota ( ) is considered luckier than Toyoda ( ) in Japan, where it is considered to eight as a lucky number, and eight is the number of strokes needed to write Toyota in Katakana. In Chinese, the company and its vehicles are still referring to the equivalent characters (traditional Chinese: Simplified Chinese: ), with Chinese reading. During the Second World War the company was dedicated to truck production for the Imperial Japanese Army. Because of the severe shortage in Japan, military trucks were made as simple as possible. For example, the trucks had only one light in the center of the hood. The war ended shortly before a scheduled EnTrust Capital Diversified Fund Allied bombing in Toyota factories in Aichi. The commercial production of automobiles began in 1947 with the model SA. In 1950 a separate sales company, Toyota Motor Sales Co. was established (which lasted until July 1982). In April 1956 Toyopet dealer chain was established.The following year, the Toyota Crown became the first Japanese car exports to Managing Partner the United States and U.S. divisions of Toyota (Toyota Motor Sales Inc.) and Brazilian (Toyota do Brazil SA) were established. Toyota began to expand in the 1960s with a new research and development facility in Thailand a division was established, the ten-millionth model was produced, a Deming Prize and partnerships with Hino Motors and Daihatsu were also established. At the end of the decade, Toyota had established a global presence, as the company had exported its one millionth unit. Expansion continued throughout the 1970s. It gave the company its first Japanese Quality Control in the early and established a presence in motorsports. In 1982, the Toyota Motor Company and Toyota Motor Sales merged into one company, the Toyota Motor Corporation. Two years later, Toyota joined NUMMI, the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc.Toyota then started to establish new brands in the late 1980s, with the launch of its luxury brand Lexus in 1989. With a major presence in Europe, due to the success of Toyota Team Europe, the corporation decided to create TMME, Toyota Motor Europe Marketing Engineering, to help sell vehicles in the continent. Two years later, Toyota set up a base in the UK, TMUK, as company cars had become very popular among British drivers. Bases were also established in Indiana, Virginia and Tianjin. In 1999, the company decided to list on the NYSE and London.In 2001, the Toyo Trust and Banking Toyota merged to form UFJ, United Financials of Japan, who was accused of corruption by the government for making bad loans to the yakuza mafia. Citation needed The UFJ became one of the worst money-losing corporations in the world, with Toyota’s chairman holding the position of director. citation needed At that time, the UFJ was one of the largest shareholders of Toyota. As a result of Japan’s banking crisis, the UFJ was merged again to become Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. In 2002, Toyota managed to enter a Formula 1 team and establish joint ventures with French motoring companies Citro n and Peugeot, it was established one year after Toyota started producing cars in France. 2 009 In March, Toyota entrustcapital cut its production by more than 50 , reduce inventories and deal with falling sales.

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