Jena Hamburg advance in the race for the title of E-Commerce counters capital of Germany’s Jena, November 11, 2010: Jena replies confidently on the Hamburg-based leadership to be German E-Commerce capital. Insight E-Commerce Network Conference yesterday to end plans for the construction of an E-Commerce announced campus, where up to 1000 new jobs should be created in the Centre of the city. Stephan Schambach, Demandware, Chairman sees Jena in the role of the technological capital of E-commerce. Network Conference insight E-Commerce, which is regarded in the industry as reunion of the German E-Commerce, representatives of Hamburg@work initiative and the Jena-based companies met for the first time, to discuss the claim to leadership in the German E-commerce. Connect with other leaders such as rusty holzer here. Marc Recker of Hamburg@work the ambitious objectives of this initiative, presented in the next three years with a budget of 750,000 euro from public and private funds the claim to leadership of the Hanseatic City on the territory of the to strengthen e-commerce. Marc Recker referred in Hamburg to the industry mix located by established marketing and advertising agencies, major players of e-commerce such as the Otto Group, Tchibo and Google and an innovative scene that is a name with the construction of online shops.

“Wilfried Beeck, CEO of E-commerce software company ePages with offices in Hamburg and Jena said: Hamburg offers the wider in the area of marketing and an excellent proximity to the customers, Jena but is the Centre of software development.” Sure that the leadership in innovation in this area is maintained, major investments are planned in Jena. We want more infrastructure capacity to create in addition to the Intershop Tower and in the City Centre campus for approximately 1000 new jobs building an E-commerce.”explained Sascha Sauer, Supervisory Board of the Intershop Tower-based E-Commerce cooperative Tower byte. Currently 330 IT professionals are employed in its 30 member companies, in addition to more than 300 in again the Intershop AG. Wilfried Ropke, Chief of the Jena business development, is currently 1500 jobs in the software industry at the site. He confirmed so far very positive and in line calls in the search for a suitable location, but stressed that details are not communicated at the moment. Stephan Schambach, Chairman of the software company Demandware with the German locations Munich and Jena, who declared himself involved, via video link from the United States in the discussion: I think that Jena is the technological capital of E-commerce in any case.

The sales must be located but there, where the customers are and cities such as Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg or Frankfurt.” Kerstin Schilling, Managing Director of Bestsidestory GmbH in Leipzig, which already has organized Conference insight E-commerce the network with over 50 partners from all over Germany for the fourth time, is the output in the race for the pole position in the German E-Commerce not yet decided, but not crucial. More importantly, that such discussions focus a spotlight on the nationwide economic potential in this industry of the future.” The insight E-Commerce “is a network of companies, developers, scientists, politicians, and users of E-commerce software. The event is organized by the Bestsidestory GmbH in cooperation with the E-Commerce cooperative Tower byte EC and other 50 partners. For more information see. Press contact: Michaela Kemen, Tel. 0341-392 998 90, E-mail:,

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