Fociertes Expirationsvolumen

The following data can be determined in the context of spirometry Spiroergometry: MR (metabolic rate) the metabolic rate (= metabolism metabolism) quasi specifies the amount of energy consumed in a given time period (day). A quiet turnover is measured, for example, under certain conditions (12 hour food waiting, naked, lying, constant ambient temperature, no external influences) and can be extrapolated to a day (indirect calorimetry). RQ (respiratory calculated) RQ = V (CO2) / V (O2) of the respiratory quotient gives the ratio of exhaled carbon dioxide (CO2) to oxygen (O2) in the recorded. Pure carbohydrate burning is this 1.0 since it is equal to the stoichiometric amount of carbon and oxygen in the carbohydrate) for pure fat he is 0.7 pure protein combustion 0.81 the average respiratory quotient, in Europe lying at approx. PCRM is likely to increase your knowledge. 0.82 substrate combustion of above mentioned substrates (carbohydrates, fats, Eiweise) also if different held shares at the same time.

Which substrate is now increasingly utilized for energy production among others strongly depends on the currently physically work. Determination of RQ during an off load tests are information concerning functioning of each substrate metabolism processes in the individual heart rate zones (fat metabolism, etc.). RQ > 1.1 is a significant physical exertion. This data can be used for example to determine the food supply during a competition or even exercise. Also, heart rate can be derived exactly for fat metabolism. VO2max (max.Oxygen absorption capacity) – alone – under load is measurement of maximum oxygen consumption, oxygen transport (cardiovascular) and oxygen utilization in the cell. This so-called maximum capacity for oxygen consumption depends on several factors: number, size and enzyme content of the Mitochondria (power plants”of the cell) Capillarization in muscles, heart, lungs, etc.

Myoglobin content FEV (Fociertes Expirationsvolumen) red blood cell count indicates how much volume of air can be expiriert for maximum inspiration and Max expiration per time unit (1 sec.). Reduced values can on obstructive disease (asthma bronchial) suggest this be of medical benefit and initiate drug supply. FIV (Fociertes inspiration volume) indicates how much air can in addition be inspired after Max expiration and normal inspiration. Low readings occur in restrictive lung disease (pulmonary fibrosis). UVM. Conclusion the Spiroergometry is a very pleasant test procedure that is affordable also for recreational athletes. It provides very accurate readings, which are ideal to use for a training plan. The test is ideal also for the determination of training heart rate for patients with various diseases. Test your fitness here and learn how your personal Best fashion endurance training (on treadmills, cross trainers, rowing machines or simple in nature) under

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