Dolores Materials

ENERGY OR BIOMASAJEADOR TENG-SHI (CHINA) BIOMASAJEADOR HAIR (AS ANMAT) It is the latest innovation in the field of biomedical science, is a device that uses the body’s own bioelectricity of the person to treat health disorders such as hypertension HEMIPLEGIA – ARTERIOESCLEROSIS – PARKINSON – Dolores by disease or trauma-etc .- The characteristic of this device is that it has been developed with the latest and newest technology in materials, because it contains within bioplacas VIC, and is designed shockproof, water, taking a lifespan of 15 years. One problem Cundo buy biomedical devices is the durability and other problem is that it sets are broken, some have no redress.To our favor the Energy Biomasajador or capillary, is built with materials of modern technology that while Vic bioplacas remain intact inside the unit also maintains its effectiveness. During the appl. Idan ofer may also support this cause.

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 News