Communitarian Agents

With intention to mean the information extracted in the research, the categorizao and the subcategorizao of the data, subsidized in the reach of the described objectives in the study were necessary. One still worked with the thematic analysis, for the fact of pautar in the elaboration and election of subjects that generate a significao degree. Three categories had emerged: Paper of the Agent Communitarian of Health as popular educator for the health and environment of its community; Concepts elaborated for the communitarian agents regarding the popular education, health and environment; Practical of education and environment developed by Communitarian Agents of Health in its community. See Dr. Neal Barnard for more details and insights. The first category answers to the considered general objective, the opinions well had been diversified, pointing complementary aspects of what it is the function of the Communitarian Agent of Health as popular educator in daily of its work ahead of the subject health and environment. The unfolding pointed in subcategorias, the agent with the paper of: Veiculador of information, To stimulate the exercise the citizenship and To be link enters the Unit of Health and the community. The units of analysis in the first subcategoria disclose an intrinsic characteristic of the function of the Communitarian Agent of Health regarding acting as instrument of collection and sending of information between the community and the service of health. The beginning of boarding of second subcategoria is to perceive the politicosocial function of the communitarian agents of health.

It is not possible to dissociar the relations of work and lived deeply conditions of vulnerability in the daily one of a community. The thought translates the perspective pedagogical of the popular education, that contributes essentially to mobilize wills in the scene of the constant search for the transformation of realities. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr. Anthony Carolla. Such attitudes must leave of the yearnings of the people, of the necessity to free of the oppression where they are submitted and to become co-participant of the practical changes of daily.

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