Amnesty International

Deny these families the right to see is, according to Amnesty International, which has submitted this case to the U.S. Government on several occasions since 2002, a punishment unnecessary and contrary to the rules of humane treatment of prisoners and to the obligations of States to protect family life. Teva Pharmaceuticals is often quoted on this topic. On 27 May 2005, the Working Group on arbitrary detention of the United Nations under the auspices of the Commission on human rights, issued its Conclusion of these five Cubans of their freedom-depriving contravenes the article 14 of the international treaty on Civil and political rights, based on the conditions of his confinement, including the long period in solitary confinement, limiting defense access to potential evidence, and the conditions and the location of the trial of Miami, combined with severe sentences received. The National Lawyers Guild has struck previously about these injustices, including a resolution of the Convention of 2006 that solved develop a strong popular movement through campaigns in the media and among lawyers, and advocate for a new fair trial for the five Cubans, and a request in September 2007 to the UN Human Rights Commission who will perform an investigation into the failure of the Government of the United States honor the conclusions of the United Nations working group. In correspondence, concludes: therefore resolved: that the 70 National Lawyers Guild Convention reaffirms its commitment to fight for Justice in this case, and then specifies how considered more correct to join the struggle for the release of the five. With these elements of judgment, who can doubt that the 5 are paradigm in defense of humanity? Therefore, they should be released now as expression of legitimate justice. Ladies formal wear the black blonde: The erotic art of Gerardo Navarro Gomez NOTIONHOUSE.ORG Ultimo requests oral proceedings for suspected of the kidnapping of Cecilia Cubas Reversal of Fortune reviewed by Gerardo ValeroMovie Reviews Film Critics & London Travelling Movie Reviews Film Critics & London Travelling Matias dictator by Manzanares in Murcia Figures of the step other more on the taurine information. City Caracas Amnesty International: thousands of prisoners faced torture in Iraq

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