A Bit Of Seafood

Seafood is an important part of our table. Can not imagine a person who does not include in your food seafood and ready meals from them. Fish, fresh, shrimp, squid, octopus, scallops, trepangs, clams and other sea creatures are increasingly gaining space in our kitchen. Many peoples of the world have long favored seafood other types of food. Seafood salad are an integral part festive menu. Canned seafood is already widely used by people in the daily diet. Seafood is not only enrich your desk, but also bring invaluable benefits to your health.

Fish, fresh slightly inferior in taste just caught a fish, but still contains almost all nutrients so necessary to our organism. Frozen fish and other seafood in its diversity now available for many buyers. Such a set of seafood, which is now presented to our customers was difficult to imagine a couple of years ago. KrevetkiChasche in our country are in demand, of course, Shrimp, crab stick, crab meat. Fresh-frozen shrimp are an excellent and affordable seafood for our citizens. In supermarkets, presented a large array of shrimp. More shrimp offer a packaged form of 500 grams. And 1 kg.

In plastic packaging. But also in the sale of shrimp were sold by weight. Common sizes of shrimp found in the sale is 50/70, 70/90 and 90/120. These figures indicate consumer on the number of shrimp in one kg. It turns out that the smaller numbers, the larger the shrimp should be in the package. Shrimp are sold, usually cooked in the freezer, and do not require any processing before the consumption of except heating in boiling water no more than 5 minutes.

Monday, July 4th, 2011 News