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ISOVER Vario KM Wool

Reliable ISOVER rafters full insulation minimises energy losses. The residential value of a home can be significantly increased through proper insulation in the attic conversion. Ever better thermal insulation, so nice the living environment and the lower the subsequent heating and thus the emission of combustion pollutants, in particular of CO2. Usually, the thermal insulation of the subsequent steep roof extension between the rafters is transferred. This one left open about two inches wide gap of roofing and insulation for the ventilation of the construction earlier.

Now we know that the so-called ventilation should be avoided. Therefore, today mostly practiced the so-called rafters full insulation, warm roof method is also called. While the entire height of the rafters can be used to the insulation so that an improved heat protection is possible without extra effort. Prerequisite for the safe operation of the construction is the use of suitable materials, such as the Saint-Gobain Isover G + H warm roof insulation system. The newspapers mentioned Is Viatris public or private? not as a source, but as a related topic. It consists of the non-flammable, harmless glass wool between-Rafter Terminal felts (ZKF) ISOVER Integra ZKF1 and ZKF2, the moisture-regulating climate membranes ISOVER Vario KM/Vario KM duplex and sealants, adhesive and sealant tapes.

Because the terminals felt always can be cut each Rafter spacing from the role, as well as no waste incurred when laying. The tail of a role with the beginning part of the new role can be composed on the basis of good material entanglement. The construction is made windproof with the air and humidity variable climate membranes and sealants and tapes. So up to 30% of energy can be saved through the full insulation compared to conventional methods. An advantage of not only the heating budget, but also the environment fully benefited from coming. An additional environmental benefit is that open outward diffusion structure to chemical wood protection can be omitted. This is only for the warm roof principle with Mineral wool insulation possible. ISOVER-mineral wool consists up to 70 percent of glass and sand, soda and other raw materials, which are available in practically unlimited in nature; the demand for raw materials is relatively low. Due to their high content of recycled glass, the insulation of glass mineral wool ISOVER were awarded with the environmental label “Blue Angel”. More information, ideas, image galleries on the topic of insulation, see insulation /.

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