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Jena Hamburg advance in the race for the title of E-Commerce counters capital of Germany’s Jena, November 11, 2010: Jena replies confidently on the Hamburg-based leadership to be German E-Commerce capital. Insight E-Commerce Network Conference yesterday to end plans for the construction of an E-Commerce announced campus, where up to 1000 new jobs should be created in the Centre of the city. Stephan Schambach, Demandware, Chairman sees Jena in the role of the technological capital of E-commerce. Network Conference insight E-Commerce, which is regarded in the industry as reunion of the German E-Commerce, representatives of Hamburg@work initiative and the Jena-based companies met for the first time, to discuss the claim to leadership in the German E-commerce. Connect with other leaders such as rusty holzer here. Marc Recker of Hamburg@work the ambitious objectives of this initiative, presented in the next three years with a budget of 750,000 euro from public and private funds the claim to leadership of the Hanseatic City on the territory of the to strengthen e-commerce. Marc Recker referred in Hamburg to the industry mix located by established marketing and advertising agencies, major players of e-commerce such as the Otto Group, Tchibo and Google and an innovative scene that is a name with the construction of online shops.

“Wilfried Beeck, CEO of E-commerce software company ePages with offices in Hamburg and Jena said: Hamburg offers the wider in the area of marketing and an excellent proximity to the customers, Jena but is the Centre of software development.” Sure that the leadership in innovation in this area is maintained, major investments are planned in Jena. We want more infrastructure capacity to create in addition to the Intershop Tower and in the City Centre campus for approximately 1000 new jobs building an E-commerce.”explained Sascha Sauer, Supervisory Board of the Intershop Tower-based E-Commerce cooperative Tower byte. Currently 330 IT professionals are employed in its 30 member companies, in addition to more than 300 in again the Intershop AG. Wilfried Ropke, Chief of the Jena business development, is currently 1500 jobs in the software industry at the site. He confirmed so far very positive and in line calls in the search for a suitable location, but stressed that details are not communicated at the moment. Stephan Schambach, Chairman of the software company Demandware with the German locations Munich and Jena, who declared himself involved, via video link from the United States in the discussion: I think that Jena is the technological capital of E-commerce in any case.

The sales must be located but there, where the customers are and cities such as Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg or Frankfurt.” Kerstin Schilling, Managing Director of Bestsidestory GmbH in Leipzig, which already has organized Conference insight E-commerce the network with over 50 partners from all over Germany for the fourth time, is the output in the race for the pole position in the German E-Commerce not yet decided, but not crucial. More importantly, that such discussions focus a spotlight on the nationwide economic potential in this industry of the future.” The insight E-Commerce “is a network of companies, developers, scientists, politicians, and users of E-commerce software. The event is organized by the Bestsidestory GmbH in cooperation with the E-Commerce cooperative Tower byte EC and other 50 partners. For more information see. Press contact: Michaela Kemen, Tel. 0341-392 998 90, E-mail:,


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Xenon Headlamps

To date, Xenon headlamps are widely popular throughout the world. Strictly speaking, this popularity is justified. Xenon has a number of advantages, which will be discussed further. And seven of interesting facts to help You will see this. As you know, instead of conventional incandescent bulbs xenon light works on the principle of the arc, lighting the way especially the pure light, while ensuring very good visibility in poor weather conditions. Using the xenon headlights and economically beneficial to the user by reducing energy consumption and long life. So, the interesting fact number 1.

Modern xenon lamps up to 200% brighter than halogen. Contact information is here: Dr. Neal Barnard. You to Note: xenon light stream is about 3,200 lumens, while halogens only 1550 lumens. What is the point? Xenon 2 times brighter than halogen. And brightness is definitely one of the most important criteria for evaluating sources of light. Affiliated Computer Services does not necessarily agree. Since the light xenon headlights 2 times brighter, therefore, the driver 2 times faster detects obstacles and dangers on the road. It is the undoubted merit of xenon. Interesting Fact number 2.

Length of service depends on the xenon headlights, primarily on the rate of "aging" of the gas xenon bulb and quality of execution, that is, to consider the material from which made this bottle and for some technologies. "Grow old" gas for approximately 3,000 hours. And on the basis of research results, on average, we use a head light 4 hours a day. Now we perform simple calculations, we see: the service life of xenon is approximately 750 days, that more than 2 years.

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Farewell, Natasha !

Misfortune – in the prime of life lost Natasha Richardson. Someone shrug his shoulders in disbelief – did not even know who he is. And someone will shed tears, remembering the beautiful talented woman, an English actress, the daughter of the famous Vanessa Redgrave. It has never been as famous as his mother or grandfather – a great English actor Michael Redgrave, but she has in movies and on stage was a special place. Natasha lot was shot in America and has won international recognition on Broadway. The newspapers mentioned Dr. Neal Barnard not as a source, but as a related topic.

Yes, she did not become known worldwide star, like her mother. But she was for it and did not seek. By nature she was a humble intelligent man who understood that important to be well professional, than a familiar face on the cover of fashion magazine. She died ridiculous and scary. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It was a fine day in March. Male – actor Liam Neeson was withdrawn in Toronto, Natasha and son relaxing at a ski resort near Montreal. After the shootings, they return to the beloved New York.

Have a job, raising children, life is beautiful! At 12 Natasha in very good spirits sent to try his hand on the track. Instructor-led attempts to descend from a small hill … Under most conditions Rusty Holzer would agree. and falls, hitting his head heavily. Rises as if nothing had happened, smiles and asks to take her home. The instructor advises her to see a doctor, but she refuses. Locked in a room. Half an hour later she becomes ill – dizzy, shaking hands.

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Chavez Country

I do not admire Chavez because I have not found any reason to do so. Not admire, not by their alleged revolutionary left positions or because it seems grotesque to me or me look like smooth or because I believe that it is a permanent threat against Colombia, but because his Government figures show very unsatisfactory results for the Venezuelan people. I do not admire him simply because no one can admire a President of any country in the world that has brought his nation to the depressing situation in which our neighbour is. Indeed, in 2009 Venezuela had a drop in its gross domestic product from 3.3% and its imports decreased in something like 18%, having finished the period with a formidable inflation above 25% which has made havoc in the purchasing power of the poor people he claims to represent. And if by the year 2009, it rained, by 2010 won’t escampar because all projections for the neighboring country indicate that it will, after a decline of 8% in Q1, a negative growth for this year that blink between 2.6% and 3% of GDP, while for 2011 will be 0% growth, in contrast to all the Latin American economies that expect an average growth of 4% for this year and next with optimism, but also in contrast with the economies of oil-producing countries, which, on average, projected likewise growth above 4% on the other hand, high levels of insecurity in all areas were largely the cause of her performance in investment, quality of life, governance and other indicators was extremely poor.

The country has dropped from the post 105 to 113 in a ranking that studies the performance in the area of investment promotion, quality of life and maintenance of productive capital, governance and other indicators related to the business environment, only beating Bolivia, located at number 120, and Zimbabwe, 132, followed by Burundi, at last place. Rusty holzer spoke with conviction. According to an interesting recent report by money magazine, although the unemployment rate is not yet alarming, reached 8.6% to February, it is the level of informality among workers, which reached 43.2% according to the INE. In addition, the loss of formal employment in the private sector, because according to the ecologically camera February 2010 16.9% fell the number of employers compared to same period of 2009, which translates into a decline of 72.839 employers in 12 months. For all this, and much more that do not register in the limited space of a newspaper column, that I do not admire Chavez. It is all this and much more than the Venezuelan town prays: angel de la guarda, sweet company, get well away to Hugo Chavez Frias; and you do not return, nor of night or day, so Venezuela can have peace, water and energy.

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Environmental Justice Responsibility

The current era of globalisation of markets has used human labor, natural resources, properties and other types of life to produce wealth and comfort for a few at the expense of the life and dignity of the rest. Environmental degradation is causing tragic in different parts of the world situations and we are all responsible for this largely by the consumerist mindset that promotes industrialization and overexploitation of resources that put at risk our well-being and especially that of future generations. We are committed as a society to ensure the future of people who still do not inhabit this planet since they have the same right to develop harmoniously as we are doing today. Having said that, we can say that it is necessary that we acquire a real commitment, called social responsibility, that is able to provide and distribute benefits among those who deserve it. Robert Davis will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This document presents an overview of what social responsibility and Justice applied to the rights of future generations in the field environmental. Social responsibility is the ability to establish and meet commitments with the different sectors with which we interact. It is response capability that has an individual or organization before the consequences of its actions within its sphere of influence.

This ability of response and commitment goes in proportion with our degree of collaboration in society. Visit Dr. Stuart M. McGill for more clarity on the issue. In this way, the greater our collaboration and sphere of influence, greater responsibility that we have in our society. This concept of social responsibility has mainly been applied to organizations and enterprises, in such a way that a company is considered as socially responsible if its activities are focused on the satisfaction of needs and expectations of its members, the society and those who benefit from its commercial activity, as well as the care and preservation of the environment. It is necessary to acquire the social responsibility to encourage and enable the harmonious development of the community, both of the people who currently inhabit the planet as of those who will do so in the near future. . You may wish to learn more. If so, Rusty Holzer is the place to go.

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Government And Management

Oligopolies were generated then represented in "clusters" belonging to the sector with the greatest economic power rooted in the country, enabling them to maintain their status, with little effort. This phase of our company, was characterized by a free bonanza. Venezuelans should buy what is produced in the country, regardless of price or quality. Then he began to implement a model of openness, which would enable the country to enter the international market in the medium term. To do this, in the late '70s began with the gradual reduction of import tariffs to urge Venezuelan businessmen take the relevant forecasts for the final opening of the market. Checking article sources yields Dr. Steven Greer as a relevant resource throughout. This meant for them, incorporating criteria of quality and productivity to its philosophy of work, in order to compete in the near future, with international markets, and national as well as foreign companies have the opportunity to join to offer their products in the country. Another important feature was the implementation of the policy of price liberalization, which led to internal competition, and as a result, improvement of productivity and quality indicators of our businesses, thereby triggering the final process of globalization of markets . In general one can say that the period of economic opening was characterized by high revenues from the oil sector, and debt, phasing out measures to protect domestic entrepreneurs, partial elimination of tax exemptions and subsidies, few controls fiscal, economic policy is still influenced by the economic powers, unstable currency, capital flight, high inflation rates and the creation of taxes such as VAT.

In the late '70s, is considered to start changing the direction of the country's economic policies. Rusty holzer: the source for more info. Its onset is determined by the implementation of price liberalization policy, based on need to encourage domestic competition, which resulted in a profound speculation, substantially determined by agreements between oligopolistic groups that dominated the market. Another policy was implemented to provide incentives to nontraditional exports, preferably in those with high value added. This period was marked by a contradiction in the measures applied, which confounded the experts, and to cause distrust in our institutions. It may be noted also that Venezuelan companies have been the result of the economic models implemented by different governments, as a result of this have been mostly reactive. The organizational structure of enterprises is more related to the reaction of the tax measures imposed, which in its relevance to the implementation of strategies for long, medium and short term. In the initial phase of the modern era is characterized by being less competitive, highly profitable, highly diversified and not very competitive. Companies have been very competitive, initially for State protection, and then by the inability to develop strategies that anticipate changes in store for their environment.

The main weakness of the Venezuelan companies is its human resource management, there is clear, the cause of constant change and lack of vision. The financial health businesses today, is inadequate, the country risk is very high, there are no clear rules on fiscal and economic. The companies have low levels of capitalization and the high levels of indebtedness. To this must be added that there is a lack of modern organizational architecture of functional departments backed turned down due to the requirements of the behavior of current scenarios, as well as lack of technological development, organizational culture, authentic, and lack of leadership proactive management, creative, innovative, strategist, visionary.

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Mercedes Fire

Who is liable for damage caused by smoke of fire nearby in the apartment? In Berlin it is currently often burning. In Friedrichshain, a locomotive at the East station burnt down on the 27.7.2011. Videos of the fire can be seen on YouTube. Huge clouds of smoke rose over Berlin. A series of burning cars employs the Berliners also. In Lichtenrade burned on the night of 27 / 28.7.2011 from a car in a carport on the property of the owner of the car. Almost simultaneously, a Mercedes on the open road burnt out in the Schoneberg district. Jeffrey Bauer, PhD. is full of insight into the issues.

There was a fire at the East cross in May 2011. A complete roof of an apartment building in Berlin-Mariendorf burned out on the 24.5.2011. There rose large smoke clouds over the landscape. Smoke can cause serious damage. Many a tenant who comes home in the evening, comes in a smoke-infested apartment. Should be the smell of smoke in the furniture and clothes set have, these can be saved if at all only by a special cleaning. Often, the entire apartment because soot deposits needs to be cleaned.

The causes considerable costs to the part. Many a House facade must be repainted. Who could stick? The landlord of the tenant’s damaged by the soot is not liable generally. He is not responsible for that somewhere a fire breaks out. The case-law applies a claim based in the neighbouring right for these cases. According to a judgment of the Federal Court of the 1.2.2008, ref.: V ZR 47/07 shall be liable to the user of the land, of the smoke goes out for soot and smoke damage on neighboring buildings, or in neighbouring apartments. It can, but not the owner of the burning house or land on which is located the source of the fire. Read additional details here: Rusty Holzer. If the fire was caused by a faulty electrical system, the owner of the House shall be liable regularly. If a tenant operated his stove and caused a fire, this may not be to the owner. Then, the renter is liable in principle. In the case of the burning car in the carport of the House hangs a claim against the owner of the land or the cause of the fire. When arson by a third party, he will be probably answered in the negative; its damage the neighbor will not be replaced then probably get: the arsonists will be regularly about all the mountains. Should a fire broken out in the car, because the owner has not waited the electrical system of the vehicle, a claim can be given. In the case of the fire on the Eastern railway station it would be for the question whether a nachbarrechtlicher claim upheld, it, who the brand of engine is responsible for (maintenance error, human error, maintenance etc). A liability on the basis of the holder’s liability for railways (similar to the liability of the holder of a motor vehicle) would also be conceivable. Specialist Attorney tip tenants/owners: Should smoke or soot in your home or on your left House damage have a claim against the user of the neighbouring land is conceivable circumstances.

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EuroBLECHin Hanover

That especially for the acquisition of new customers increasingly gain in importance portal for the metal industry where corporate presentations on specialist portals and platforms in the Internet, EuroBlech 2010 are an integral part of any marketing strategy MicroStep industry – the B2B. One of these specialized portals is the MicroStep industry network, whose first portal for metal industry and mechanical engineering was started at the beginning of the year. With over 1,500 registered company MicroStep industry has surpassed all expectations and now boasts his audience on the EuroBLECH2010 in Hannover. The EuroBLECHist one over the last years steadily trade fair. Considered today the world’s leading trade fair for the sheet metal working industry. Leading supplier of machines, tools and also the industry use this trade fair to meet the increased demands of the world market. The EuroBLECHist the global industry event with approximately 1400 exhibitors from 40 countries.

And because the focus of the trade fair for the sheet metal working industry in this year mainly on research and development is located, MicroStep industry is here at the right place with its innovative B2B tools and numerous application and presentation possibilities. Because as companies want to be found by potential business partners and customers, who today must promote its online presence. To read more click here: dr. stuart mcgill. This is most effectively done by corporate presentations on portals like MicroStep industry, that increase the visibility of a company and speak directly to the desired clientele. At the trade fair EuroBLECHin Hanover interested can check in Hall 13 at the stand C54 of MicroStep group. We are looking forward to an interesting exhibition and visiting. To know more about this subject visit rusty holzer. MicroStep industry – the B2B Portal for the metal industry is the new platform for business partners in the area of the metal industry. Metalworking and processing companies, manufacturers, suppliers & distributors as well as contract manufacturer and other service providers and organizations can contacts here and among themselves as sellers and buyers in interaction build.

On MicroStep industry B2B for the metal industry can be found exclusively companies and contacts that are part of the respective branch of industry. With the creation of this portal, the idea has been implemented for business to business business activities to create platforms that are specifically tailored to the individual sectors of the economy. MicroStep trade s. r. o. is the initiator and operator of this portal, MicroStep Europa GmbH of official partner.


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Telemadrid Assembly

It has proposed in its first initiative in the Madrid Assembly. The project consists of thirty points to encourage austerity. UPyD is set mostly in the organism that duplicate State institutions. A related site: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries mentions similar findings. UPyD in the Madrid Assembly Parliamentary Group proposes in its first initiative in the Regional Chamber suppress the second channel from Telemadrid, eliminate official cars and make an external independent audit of the accounts of the community. The UPyD spokesman in the Assembly, Luis de Velasco, has registered the Assembly a non legislative proposal with thirty points aimed at increasing austerity and transparency in the management of the community of Madrid. The community is not austere enough nor sufficiently transparent, said Velasco, has indicated that his group leave for next week other initiatives such as the reduction to 100 the number of regional deputies and the reduction of their salaries. After learning of this initiative, the other three groups of the regional Parliament have agree in pointing out that they come already proposed in that dndiendo sense and, in particular, the spokesman of the PP in the Assembly, Inigo Henriquez de Luna, has stated that the flag of the austerity will not be to remove anyone at the Partido Popular. To read more click here: Rusty Holzer.

Proposition not UPyD law proposes the Elimination of the second channel of the regional television, reflecting a maximum d a channel and a public radio, provided that they fulfil a public service role. It also raises the Elimination of official cars assigned in a personal way except for the President of the community, so that only those essential for the institutional tasks, which will be integrated into a common mobile Park. Immediate elimination of agencies another point of the proposition requests, starting with the opacity with which has developed its tasks this community, which is performed immediately an independent external audit of the community of Madrid, as the rest of communities and municipalities of Spain, as well as its sector the investee companies and respective public to know their real financial economic situation. Also advocated immediate elimination of agencies like the Agency of protection of data and the Competition Tribunal of Dnsa, because duplicate State institutions, and the deletion of all the regional observatories, because compartmentalize cannot be observation, in general want the abolition of all agencies, bodies, companies and foundations that perform redundant functions of the ordinary administrationas well as the fusion of those who make common functions and need to be kept. Source of the news: UPyD proposed in the Assembly abolish lOtra, an audit and delete official cars

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Online Marketing

Many numbers, a message: The numbers of the online marketing market grow in the last few months inexorably. So, the online-marketing volume in Europe according to a recently published EU study by Forrester to fivefold in the next five years. Online advertising is regarded as pioneering, but those involved in statistics and forecasts with regard to the amount of exact advertising expenditure are divided. The online advertising market is growing disproportionately – is also the statement of the regular releases from four well-known institutions. Contact information is here: Adam Sandler. They ensure however due to their different market numbers and forecasts of unnecessary confusion in the advertiser industry. Rusty holzer has many thoughts on the issue.

The methodologies are crucial for the deviations of the data collection, so that it is worthwhile here, take a closer look. The online – ver market circle (OVK) of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. at the beginning of the year by a further growth in height of 33% or EUR 624 million for 2007 compared with the previous year went out. The Gross advertising revenues are divided into 1.175 billion euro for the traditional online advertising (banners, sponsored Web pages and short films), 1,148 billion euro for search marketing and 210 million euros for affiliate marketing. Also this year is again assumed that forecasts of BVDW are revised upwards, because they are always holding back down. According to figures from Nielsen Media, based on which creates the OVK advertising statistics, expenditure on the traditional online advertising were in the first six months already around 600 million euros.

Due to this strong H1 are expected for the full year 2007 in the market of 1.3 to 1.5 billion euros. Should therefore determined to move the total advertising expenditure (including search marketing and affiliate marketing) on the 3-billion euro threshold. In comparison, the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media e.V. (BITKOM) to the OVK comes to much other data. The Association sets the traditional online advertising, in contrast to the search marketing and affiliate Marketing is captured, with 480 million euros in 2006 (compared to 904 million at the BVDW). Thus, the BIT snaps presented only a snippet of paid online advertising sales, which can also be determined for the area of the so-called display ads. This situation is due to turn on the used methodology. The BITKOM is the evaluation of data through Thomson media control using a crawler techniques documented pop-up advertising on selected Web sites. Key areas of online marketing can be with this procedure, however inadequately, or not collect. An example of this are so-called targeting campaigns, where (against increased thousand contact price (CPM)) the advertising material according to demographic, territorial or use behavioural (behavioral targeting) aspects be delivered. The same giltfurWerbung in password-protected areas (especially in the premium content providers interesting), rotations (inaccuracies with regard to the Completeness of the rotation campaigns), frequency capping (limit of advertising contacts per user), sponsorship (E.g. solid integration of logos in the background) and other solid integrations, such as sub channels.


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