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You And I – Poetry By Rainer Sauer

Poems which are told from the heart / you and me, Holy Kral vessel of love, life satisfy me with love honey nourishing milk, etc 1. You and I we two our inside one never separated in eternity you and I connected a pulse beat United in our hearts a soul loving forever you and I. 2. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dr. Steven Greer. I enter a House it is empty I walk through empty corridors look in the rooms, where I am nothing but emptiness? I go further, a call can hear it calling it seems me up like me from the foundation comes deep erschallend from the prompting ‘on, singing’ signal from below I’m going to open the room find myself I recognize myself it is because what long time missing sweet sadness roars in my Association unspeakable waves of joy make I’m my heart beat to a loud roar of longing I give me a hug, love swimming meets in the dear source I see me and you finally, I’m at home. 3. no one else is as close as you so absolutely and eternally rest in me you’re more than I myself am there is no Deny, you’re me, I am not a thing on your page you everything in your rooms is because we live each from a unique ‘ I gave birth origin and eternal ‘ home in you. (As opposed to Kenneth R. Feinberg).

4. veracity, the door of heaven is your key being pure open up and let me feel the wind of life of paradise sweet note here and now here is me the gentleness of peace of love touched the true life true faces landscape are solicited wide out of love! And I dive. 5. that I my desire is agreeable me as I gain my benefit apprenticeship of life skillfully I can this be if well I am in the Unwohlesein the actual State assumed I can linger in the now nothing must change I Entsag me the urgent as master expect I in rest patient all the time the unpleasant, the unpleasant because it gives me as a Messenger of happiness well-disposed to recognize.


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Future Hair Salon

3D visualization of your salon furniture a look into the future of your hair salons you want to open a new hair salon or remodel your old? Then you might know this problem: it is sketched and drawn, and can not imagine but how it should look behind at the end and must be easily surprised. Is this too uncertain to you? Inter Partner solves this problem by you can see your future hairdresser realistically by 3D visualization. The solution from a single source: interparter takes the dimensions of your premises, will discuss with you your needs and ideas and the Interior of your salon is exactly according to your ideas. The planning department creates detailed Skizzenauf the basis of which a two-dimensional drawing is created with a common CAD program. The floor plan of your salon is now provided with elevation, walls, Windows and doors are eingefpgt and created a three-dimensional model.

Salon furnishings are placed objects such as Hairdressing places, styling chairs, sell furniture, etc., that create themselves as a standalone 3D objects to complete the individual hair salon design. Now it will be exciting, because using a special visualisation software, life is breathed into the model in the computer. The Salon furnishings be equipped with matching textures, the hairdresser’s chairs with leather-upholstered, the reception with an illuminated glass front etc. Defines which object is made of what material. Not only the furniture can be visualized here, even the flooring and wall tiling can be viewed in advance.

Different wood designs, natural stones, wallpaper, tiles – your ideas are set few limits. The model is really alive only by addition of scenery objects such as decorative materials, plants, vehicles and even people. The effect of light and shadow is a realistic representation produces – so a real picture of your future hair salon is created. Perfectly planned is Her hair salon by interpartner implemented. Also with all the bells and whistles.


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Goal For The New Year: Be In Shape Already

Healthy diet with the method Reabel, beauty with medical base of the Dr. Barroso Mariela completed year end and celebrations with the joy that leaves us sharing memorable dates with our loved ones, we started with new impetus the 2012. It is now when we face our recent personal promises, among them the lose weight and look a body firm, who not are made a promise like this? Each new year many women intend to lose weight, but most of the time this company more difficult us than you think, especially if you do not have the appropriate strategy. Robert Davis has firm opinions on the matter. And if by having eaten and drunk in excess, we become prey of the abhorrent feeling of guilt, is not going to serve as much to try to kill us hunger with one blow, since this practice could cause us an increase in anxiety, with consequent increase of the intake of food and therefore of weight; all a vicious circle. For a long time doctors specialized in the management of overweight have been working in the design of the ideal diet, one that still low in calories, allow the patient to reduce weight without starving and that at the same time meets the requirement to be balanced; to ensure that the required amount of macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates), micronutrients (vitamins, co-enzymes and trace elements) and fiber, in addition to avoiding the use of pills, whether these to suppress hunger or to go to the bathroom. With over seventeen years of experience in the area of loss of weight and after having helped more than 6,000 patients achieve their aesthetic goals, we can say in emphatic manner that at the present time it is possible to lose weight quickly and forever, in a safe manner, following the Reabel method. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Anthony Carolla on most websites. This method consists of 3 phases: – phase slimming – stabilizing phase – phase slimming the maintenance phase allows losing up to 10 Kg in 2 weeks without starving, which is accomplished consuming a varied menu, rich in vitamins, co-enzymes and trace elements, which contribute to the patient renewed energy and vitality, along with a good supply of water and fiber, which prevents constipation, while it cleanses the body. . .

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Entrepreneurs Virtual Assistants

In Hispanic world, Virtual assistance is a very new concept. Therefore, let’s begin by defining what exactly a Virtual Assistant. In a traditional Office, would be an Assistant or Executive Secretary. But in the virtual community, a Virtual Assistant (VA) provides those services. The VAs use their own equipment, work freelance and billed fees for the actual time used for the different tasks. According to the International Association of Virtual Assistants (via) a will is an independent professional who provides administrative, creative and/or technical services. Using advanced technology media, one is professional assists clients in their area of expertise from his own Office, framing services in a contractual agreement. Services offered by the virtual assistants or VAs vary from person to another, based on the experience and expertise of each one. Some VAs only perform basic administrative tasks; many others also provide specialized services. Among the benefits which obtained by hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) we can mention the following: maximizes the relationship cost-benefit paying only for the services you need and the actual time used in the project, saves money on labor costs, equipment and office space, reduces or eliminates the liability of having effective personal, increases its efficiency and productivity, maintaining high levels of quality – even during periods of long work – and retrieves the hours is devoted to administrative work to devote more time to build your business. Be innovative. Use new resources has at disposal to carry their venture or business to the next level. Original author and source of the article.


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Wedding Designs

The colors purple and lilac are very in fashion currently, not only in what it says respect to the world of the fashion, or to the world of the decoration of interiors as well as in the Decoration of Marriage. The magazines and the sites of the specialty are innumerable that in them present proposals in these colors. In Feng Shui the lilac is a color that perhaps represents the espiritualidade and either therefore that as many people if feel attracted by it. For assistance, try visiting Jeffrey Bauer, PhD.. This is therefore our suggestion for all the couples of fiancs who are to planear a marriage party and that not yet the colors and the subject for its wedding have determined which. With these tonalities it will be able to choose branches of flowers to decorate the church, the centers of tables of the guests or its bouquet. It will be able to still have these colors in the decoration of its cake, in the necktie of its fianc, in the ladies of company or the girls of the alliances. It will be able to see immense photos decoration lilac marriage in the Net to be felt inspired and will see that it will not go to want another color for that it will have to be the more perfect day happyest and of its life!


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The Kikaninchen Strikes Again

Orban vs. Kika the Kikaninchen strikes again to have you child in the Kika (children’s channel) age? Then the Kikaninchen is certainly already you will encounter. One, as it would have put Bernhard Grzimek, very naturally (animation)-Tierchen; Kika-symbol and merchandising vehicles in one. Even people without children know what to see there except the Kikaninchen still on Kika, since last week: News, where apparently fewer leaves in front of the mouth are taken, as usual in television. Hungary’s Viktor Orban of apparently regular Kika viewers – domestically highly successful shirt dictator felt appeared on the Brown speckled tie anyway, Kika news “Logo”, that he was to seek confrontation. Dr. Steven Greer is open to suggestions.

The Kikaninchen had struck again. Orban vs. Kika what’s going on in Hungary under Orban, can since the Government takeover of the Fidesz party three years ago everyone see, also without Kika. That the EU – to other than even when Jorg Haider in 2000 – except hot air exude nothing companies, however, is that a voting member made open on the way to the flawless Russian democracy, is also no news. So what causes a like Orban, publicly to can be on a kids TV channel a not-even – neighbouring lands with words like “Brainwashing” and “Lies”? The content of messages that Kika can’t be actually, or? We hear time into it: “The Government wants to achieve but, that people get with only good news about them.”, it was called the logo “report and”And now the most politicians Hungary have even decided that the most important Court in the future to have far fewer rights.”” Secret love? Is right and true; see the contents of the most recent Orbanschen constitutional amendment this week, which defies the constitutional court permission, and content instead of only formally to consider laws.

“In Hungary, that would not be possible,” rumbled the Orban. Obviously not all; but it finally has a censorship. But why feel Prime Minister of foreign children’s television threatened at home by a two thirds majority comfortably in the saddle sitting and ruled through to your heart’s content? Let his five children from the Kikaninchen? He ‘s”in love Sieglar secretly in Kika presenter and logo spokeswoman Jennifer Jennie? Or, has he not understood as so many bad guys before him, that you must decide whether you want to be loved or feared? Not know it, the Kikaninchen in any case, seems not particularly impressed by Orban’s verbal Blutgratsche, and probably just a few Easter eggs hidden. We would want to determine vs. a clear points winner Kikaninchen in the Feather weight-EM battle Orban. Mouth maketh not only truth, some child may even the truth, at least over the other. Andreas Kellner…


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Columbia University Medical Center

Living on the edge part of the mainstream after years of research and observation regarding the impact of integrated care, more and more doctors are considering natural remedies and alternative medicine as a complement to regulated, and modern Western medicine in an effective approach to healing. Complementary and alternative medicine is a diverse set of systems, practices and medical products of health care that is not currently part of conventional medicine as practiced in most Western countries. Medical American higher institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic, the Columbia University Medical Center, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Duke University Medical Center and the Mayo Clinic, among others, have started programs greatly expanded care integrated with natural remedies and therapies for cancer, heart disease and other diseases, while numbers increasingly greater of Medical schools have begun to design curricula to train doctors in integrated healthcare and alternative medicine. The impetus is being driven, in part, by the national institutes of health (NIH) and the National Center for complementary medicine and alternative (NCCAM), which has funded more than 1,800 research studies in 260 institutions and operated a portal on the Internet with information to the consumer. You may find that Mendocino County can contribute to your knowledge. In addition, foundations such as Bravewell collaborative and the Bernard Osher Foundation have begun to fund programs of medical training, together with care integrated with natural remedies and alternative and complementary medicine as a Center.

But the demands of the patient, and his frustration has been one of the most significant forces in the positive reception to the natural remedies and alternative medicines. A study of 2007 AARP-NCCAM found that two of three adults over 50 years of age used some type of alternative medical therapy and/or natural remedies. But there are reports that almost 70 percent of patients do not speak with their doctors about this, in part because of skepticism about what they think their doctors, or because their doctors are simply not interested or do not ask.


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Diverse World

More comfort for your E-Mail program almost everyone today has a private email address, and thus dealt with a large part of the daily communication. Not always, email programs, but offer the necessary safety or the desired comfort. The online portal shows addons can be as helpful in these areas. On the Internet, users can make friends easily and stay with their friends in contact using a personal E-Mail address. In addition to a friendly user interface and ease of use more options are important and desirable. (As opposed to Dr. Steven Greer). So-called addons can be added when needed and used. They facilitate inter alia the accumulated correspondence and provide additional security. The diverse program extensions are available in the Internet are available and can be downloaded depending on the interest and taste.

So there are, for example, a large number of addons that protect the computer and provide additional protection. An anti spam addon helps the Mail compartment before unwanted messages to protect by it automatically filters them out. With installing an anti-phishing program security compared to trick fraudsters will try also, that the users in the background to steal access data in order to use them for illegal transfers. Send pictures and other file attachments can also be facilitated with the right addon a lot. The additional program automatically compresses files and speeds up shipping significantly, eliminating the long casting and check the possible attachment size. It is also possible to send SMS directly from the email program with the right addons. More information: service /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann


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Influential Child

Forbes publishes each year a list of magazine with people, have the influence in the world. Among other things, they publish the list of the richest people in the world or even the best entrepreneurs. This year they have released a list of the read out is who is the most influential offspring of his famous parents. The daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Shiloh is top on the list. Dr. Stuart M. McGill spoke with conviction. The only biological daughter of Angelina and Brad is thus the most influential child in the World 2007. She was elected to the top of the “under five”.

The daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise ranked second, followed by Angelina Jolie BBs adopted daughter Zahara. The other courts of the offspring: Sean Preston Federline (son of Britney Spears and her ex Kevin Federline), Pax Jolie-Pitt, Alexis Sam Wood (daughter of Golfprofie Tiger Woods), David Banda (son of Guy Richie and his wife Medonna), Dannielynn hope Marshall Birkhead (daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith) and the two share the ninth position Sons of Victoria and David Beckham, Cruz and Romeo. We hope that the small increases this fame go to your head and that she still “children” his bolt can.

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The year’s Oscar ceremonies will be exciting? Of course, they will be! But this is not only on the question of who will have the coveted trophy at the end of the evening, no, rather it will be the scandals and problems. Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are without a doubt to the A-list of Hollywoodschaupieler. But how will they behave when they meet at the Oscars. The press is over with their headlines. Is safe: it is the first meeting of the three, after the separation of Brad and Jennifer and the subsequent family foundation of Brad and Angelina. Jennifer would like to go, but she don’t know whether not a disaster will happen, as an insider.

A source told, that Aniston will come, if their schedule allows. The entrance fee for card minimum is 25 000 dollars. The proceeds from the sale of the cards goes to the motion picture Television Fund. Exactly three years ago, the Oscars were the last joint appearance by Brad and Jennifer. A additional pressure: Angelina and Brad seem to be really happy. It is probably still very painful be for Jennifer, Brad with Angelina so quickly could have their own children. But Aniston seems to be ready.

“She told me that it no longer wants to avoid a clash, however, was the thing with Brad and Angelina to be very painful”, as a friend of the actress. A confidant of Brad Pitt said that his appearance will determine all last minute to We must be curious. But do you really expect a disaster?

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