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Wine And Health

Grape fruit and berry wines are complex biochemical, colloidal and energy food. Natural wines retain nearly all of the nutrients found in fruits, berries and grapes: sugars, acids, mineral salts and microelements ments. – vinolechenie – has been known for a long time. The ancient Greek physician, the founder of modern medicine Hip pokrat (V century bc. Er.) Finds that "amazing grape wine suited to the nature of both healthy and sick person. " The French scientist, microbiologist Louis Pasteur (1822-1895 gg.) In the book "Essays on the fault wrote:" Wine can be regarded quite rightly as the health and environmental drink.

" Chemical analysis of dry wines shows that they contain substances that stimulate carbohydrate, nitrogen and mineral metabolism in humans. Dr. Steven Greer has firm opinions on the matter. They are also rich in micronutrients such as manganese, fluorine, vanadium, iodine, titanium, cobalt, potassium, phosphorus, rubidium. White table wine tone. They are recommended for atherosclerosis. With influenza, pneumonia and bronchopneumonia frequently used hot red wine with sugar. When beriberi useful all dry wines.

However, we should not forget that one of the components nents of wine is ethanol – alcohol. But, first, in dry grape wines it a little – 12%, so they are recommended for treatment. Our second "alibi" for wine – any high-calorie foods should be consumed in moderation. "Pitchers, brother, do not imitate one thing: Do not fill to the brim with wine!" – This advice poet Rasul Gamzatov.


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