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Making Dough

The first speed is for the initial mixing of raw materials, the second – for final dough. Due to the spiral form of mixing arm and the optimal rotating speed is achieved even and gentle Promesa, the dough is obtained with optimal rheological characteristics that directly affects the quality of baked products. Rules for forming grain role in the process of bread is testoformovochnoe equipment for the test. When dividing the dough with additives on automatic vacuum dough divider problems related to exposure to moving machine parts of seeds or nuts. This leads to the ingress of air into a separating mechanism that leads to large errors in weight, or even damage the machine. We encourage you to pay attention to the semi-automatic hydraulic Dough dividing machines Jac French firm, or an Italian company Vitella. Machines share a piece of dough into equal parts at using retractable knife, driven by hydraulic system.

Permanent weight blanks provided by the uniform distribution of the test chamber divider. Machines are designed in such a way that virtually maintenance free: flour dust is collected in a special box, which is easily removed for cleaning; bottom of the chamber made of Teflon, which eliminates the adhesion test, it is possible to adjust the pressure that allows you to carefully and accurately divide the dough any consistency. Less frequently in the production of corn bread used sheeters machine. Proving – not the last faktorPosle division for further shaping necessary step ">> or proofing dough, which lasts from 3 to 8 minutes. During the proofing after mechanical impact on the dough in the process of dividing the workpiece are at rest, with removable internal stresses, improving structure and porosity of the crumb, increases the amount of finished products. Previously, the workpiece before the final molding stacked on tables with wooden tops that take up much space and require large production areas. Today, the production of more and more attention is paid to reduce the area. It is this purpose, compact cabinet for preliminary proofing of Jac (France).

Does not industry proofing Unlike industrial pre rasstoek, jac cabinets are easy to use, have a manual loading and unloading process proofing occurs when the natural temperature without forced heat. In addition, a series of models mb and ba are not required to overload dough from the cassette in the cassette, blanks are placed on shelves, covered with felt, which prevents adhesion of blanks and allows you to upload the dough with increased humidity and even sticky dough with various additives. Jac cabinets can serve as a support for a molding machine that allows you to save even more production space, with their capacity from 200 to 360 pieces (depending on model). The final stage of the process is the baking. Importance vypechkiK baking corn bread is approached very carefully, so as to get a quality product should be clearly observe the range of temperature settings. To achieve the perfect quality of the product will help the modern baking ovens. For example, the rotary kiln from Italy have the opportunity to control the fan speed in the process of baking, adjust the humidity, the number of programmable steam for humidification products and many other parameters, which makes the baking process as comfortable. Corn bread, bread with added cereals – a product of high nutritional and biological value. It is not only a useful product for the consumer, but also a profitable business for the producer, because, according to analysts at bakery products market continues to grow interest in the product class 'premium'.


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Logo Color

The logo, in my opinion, be the most important and complex design elements. The logo is as if the entire essence of the design decision. Despite the limited space, the logo contains a decent amount of information. Logo must possess special qualities that should linger in people's minds. Logo must be carefully thought out, skillfully executed and well-printed on a sheet of paper, or anywhere else. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the color scheme for the logo. Here, of course, has its problems. The color is obviously highly subjective parameter.

A color that may have one individual to bring about positive emotions, otherwise will not cause any emotions, and in the worst case – even negative. Different emotions often cause contrasting colors So how do you choose the color? Using the preferences of the director? Or blunt a fashion? I believe that we should not go down this path. You would not should please everyone – we need only remember the elementary principles of selection panel. If you have an idea of color theory will be much easier to find the right color scheme. Note also these points: -Logo must work in a single color image or at least in the grayscale, though in recent years, this requirement becomes less necessary. Logo image in one color is caused by monetary considerations rather than aesthetic. You should always keep in mind how it will look at your logo, one-color version, for example, in the newspaper, when sending via fax, on the fabric. But now with this, though, it's easier.

More and more, we use printable documents in electronic form, all full color printing is cost-effective high-quality images on paper. Whatever it was, the main emblem, unless it was originally monochrome, should stowed in CMYK-range, that is the color logo should be included in the gamut of printing. Whichever color model – whether RGB or HSB – initially you do not use it in your work results must be submitted in CMYK-model. -Think about the semantic load of color and of related images that it invokes. Color has a huge impact on people's emotions and feelings. It is no coincidence orange and red colors are used repeatedly in food industry, as blue or blue can be found in the design of institutions that provide health care services. In general, do not forget about the psychological effects of color on humans. Sometimes the choice of colors for the sign rather simple and logical, that is, it seems pretty logical to use blue color for the logo, depicting the sky. But full of situations in which so easily not pick a palette. So what guide? In this case, you can go on the way of formalized selection of color combinations, such as the color wheel. But in each case you need to make sure that the colors looked quite clearly. To produce high quality logo should be a lot of knowledge – here and possession of color theory, composition and theory, and, obviously, a number of skills by working with graphical editors. Perseverance in improving the professionalism on the part of graphic design.

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