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Because in NLP, there is a way to quickly learn modeling-duplicating someone’s excellence since you’re getting the results you want. Prepare the ground for the psycho-physical well-being, means the first step of this natural sequence: prepare our own ground Mental, emotional and physical and as proposed by the PNL, good resources for your psycho-physical well-being you already have in your interior or you can develop them, and they consist of: mentality fair: having that mentality just with an adequate level of optimism and personal self-esteem. Emotional serenity: emotional intelligence and serenity physical energy: health, fitness and well-being. Recalling that what is called health, is not absence of disease only but also achieve that State of true fullness psycho-physics! Pointing to the psycho-physical well-being is a key goal: NLP works with mental aspects and with the physiology there is a close relationship between the two and paying attention to the physical is also key: achieve optimism, self-esteem, balance goes in hand with health, care of the body and develop a greater physical power. Changes in body postures, Physiology in general generate changes in the internal States and consequently in the States of mood and vice versa by changing the internal States, working with NLP techniques – for example – changing the Tots: > NLP and tots author original and source of the article

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Many authors in the treatment of purulent meningitis is recommended to combine massive doses of penicillin in with one of the antibiotics (chloramphenicol, streptomycin) or sulfonamides. When pfeyfferovskom, Salmonella and fridlenderovskom meningitis has the best effect chloramphenicol, usually assigned in combination with streptomycin. In some cases of meningitis caused by Haemophilus influenzae Afanasiev – Pfeiffer, effective tetracyclines. Chloramphenicol administered in a single dose of 0,015 g per 1 kg of the patient's weight (when introduced into the candlelight appoint two dose). The drug is given at intervals of 4-6 h.

Intramuscular antibiotics, as well as use them in, should be continued until complete disappearance of the meningeal symptoms, persistent normalization of temperature and blood, and also reduce cytosis in the cerebrospinal fluid to normal numbers. To combat the toxemia is first necessary to ensure the introduction of sufficient quantities of fluid (drinking plenty of fluids, intravenous and subcutaneous of glucose, saline, plasma or blood transfusion, etc.). Introduction of fluid required and in the cases that occur with swelling and edema of the brain, since the development of the latter is primarily a consequence of toxicosis. Simultaneously, the dehydration: intramuscular magnesium sulfate, intravenous hypertonic solutions of glucose, sodium chloride or calcium, the use of diuretics (gipotiazid, novurita, etc.), intranasal constant giving 40 – 50% mixture of oxygen. In threatening swelling of the brain growth of the symptoms – respiratory arrhythmia, bradycardia, convulsions, high blood pressure should be immediate introduction merkuzala, 100-150 mg of cortisone. Plays an important role and symptomatic therapy.

Assign chlorpromazine, amidopirin, drugs and sleeping pills, heart means, chloral hydrate in enemas. There is no doubt the importance of good care, proper hygiene regime, nutrition, rich in vitamins (vitamin B1 in this case is assigned as an injection). With the development of the syndrome Waterhouse – Friedrichs treatment should begin with intravenous (worse subcutaneous) administration of a mixture of saline with 5% glucose solution at a rate of 40-60 drops per minute.

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Depression Without Medication

See as overcoming the depression already the depression affects millions of people around the world. Feeling intense and constant sadness in depression is overwhelming for most people and some may not know how to deal with depression. Antidepressants are not always the best option, there are other alternative methods that you can use to learn how to overcome depression, natural method always tend to be more effective and safe since you don’t tend to suffer a relapse. Music can have a powerful effect on listeners, both positive and negative. Music can drive many emotions and memories, is not listening to sad songs that you traegan bad memories or emotions, optimistic songs that really make you smile already in place, listen that this will anger a little depression.

You can listen to songs from your artist or genre favorite. You can do anything but the important thing is to know how to overcome depression. Tries to surround yourself with positive people that accept you such as you are. Your you’re unique in the world and you should not change anything nor by Nobody, if the friends you have currently make you feel less, surely are not true friends, so I recommend that you seek new. How to overcome depression requires that you’re always happy and nothing makes you feel bad or uncomfortable, your deserve to be rodeador people who loves you for who you are and that you enjoy. Trafficking go outdoors to a park or a place that makes you feel good, is not good as always you’re locked up in your room or you’re all day in bed, salt and walks and watch other people have fun. Life has many good things, then because not enjoy it? How to overcome depression only sometimes can be difficult, as most advisable is that seek help from a true trusted friend or member of your family. Finally, never think that you’re not necessary in life, or you’re not dear in this world, trust me that you’re not. You’re a beautiful person, simply because these live and you’re a human being.

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In Siberia in 1981 had ended the era of the pioneers and the era of reformers and creators had begun. It was the opinion of the writer Dmitri Zolotov, who expressed in his report of the National Conference for the development of the productive forces in Siberia. This representative event had elapsed in the academic village, a residential area located in the outskirts of Novosibirsk. At that time there was the task of enhancing these lands, extremely rich in natural resources, but with a noticeable shortage of manpower, as constituting 40% of the national territory, the number of inhabitants barely reached 21 million. Even in 1981 Western Siberia provided more than 300 million tonnes of oil a year (including gas condensate), 160 billion cubic meters of gas, or more than 50% of the national production of these types of fuel and raw materials. The coal reserves of Siberia were 90% of the predicted resources of the country.

The academic Beliaev, Director of the Institute of Cytology and genetics, rose to the podium of the Conference with a bundle of local wheat. Amid the applause with which specialists, cheered the academic stated: in the harsh Siberian weather conditions, can be obtained from 45 to 50 metric quintals per hectare of this cereal, not worse than the Canadian performance. He awoke great interest the report on the crossing between the cattle of the races from other regions of the country, which were noted for their high productivity of meat and milk, with the livestock of local breeds. The bulls and the cows selected by Siberian geneticists came despite a year and average about 400 kilos. Cows produce excellent milk, with a high proportion of fat. Local livestock provided selected breeds qualities that allowed them to live and multiply in Siberia.


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