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Pour the contents of the shaker, strainer, straining through the Bar. 4. Slice of pineapple incision and attached to the edge of the glass. Decorate with a drink of cherry and mint sprig, and immediately to the table with a straw to drink. Bakardi – Cocktail Cocktail – born in Cuba. Method: Blend in a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice, grenadine (1 part), lime juice (3 parts) white rum (6 pieces).

To filter into a cocktail glass, which pre- to the edge of the Grenadine syrup and sugar. Replacing rum gin, we drink Bacardi Picture. But personally, I rum version Narvi much more to rum my special treatment. I do not know why. I like this its malleability.

Long – Island Ice Tea (Long Island Ice Tea) – a wonderful long drinks. Method: Bacardi (2 parts), vodka (Part 2) tequila (2 parts), gin (2 parts), Cointreau (Part 1), lemon juice (1 part) and ice combine in a tall glass. Top up to top Coca-Cola. Despite the hellish mix of a large number of alcoholic beverages, cocktail drink is incredibly easy. There are several versions of this cocktail, but I advise you to always drink it with cola. In this case, it is truly refreshing and degrees it does not feel perfect. Nagle ape (the easiest to prepare) Ingredients: vodka – 20 ml white rum – 20 ml, orange juice – 75 ml. Preparation: Mix ingredients into a mixing glass with ice and stir. Serve in a highball glass. "Cuba libre" – a portion of what you need: 40 ml of rum in Santiago de Cuba – Map of Blanco 60 ml cola 0.25 lime crushed ice Preparation: In a large highball glass pour rum, squeeze half a lime. Add ice and diluted cola. This cocktail was invented by an American captain in one of Havana's bars in the late 19 th century, when the Americans waged war against the Spanish colonial Cuba. Por Cuba Libre! (For a free Cuba!) – Said the captain, raising his glass with a cocktail.

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Timber Moisture

The mechanism of formation of cracks and damage wood when working with wood professionals are often faced with the problem of cracking and swelling, and darkening of the ends of wooden buildings. Cracking exposed wood as hardwood and softwood. And the very ends usushechnoe cracking occurs due to different rates of evaporation of moisture through the side and end surfaces. It is difficult to imagine, but through the ends Wood gives moisture to 10 times faster than through the lateral surface. At the same time when wet wood end absorbs moisture and is 10 times faster. Thus, the end of the crack are a consequence of high hydraulic conductivity wood along the grain, and the process of decay begins with the end zones and high on a log.

But we must not forget that wood is exposed to harmful factors at the time of logging. Unprotected wood becomes an easy prey to all kinds of pests such as beetle-grinder and house-fungus, and the presence of moisture in it makes the situation worse by accelerating the processes of destruction. High humidity not only promotes the development of , but also leads ability of wood to deformation and reduction of its strength and grade. On defense, need not only timber and timber. Danger lurks and is already finished houses. Among the elements of a wooden house, the ends of which require treatment with protective agents include: windows, doors, roof eaves, the ends of log and timber, all other end surface facing the outside.


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Beautiful Pet

In the life of a person you like a lot of lessons, which tend to immediately bring him joy, but still quite impressive experience can only get from the treatment of pets. C From time immemorial near us lives his life a unique four-legged, but actually it was a simple cat. Directly about the animal, there are many mystical legends, besides her manners were cause of inventing a set of proverbs. Not paying attention to the fact that it has been mass centuries man's relationship with animals, cats have not lost their independence and in distinguishing the degree of any dog rocks, definitely all such compelling behavior in real life, every day prove it hosts. And in that case if for example a normal dog, really, to tame to him, tied to a chain, and at the same time every day to feed, then Cats naturally like that will not work. Try warmed by the cat when she is not in the spiritual mood. In addition, cats are easy when you have the desire, can find a way what a way to escape to their freedom and will get their independence, in general, even having the opportunity to die from the cold.

Directly with the appropriate treatment of such animals, it certainly will be a full member of the human family. And that any separation will definitely move in the same way as we feel the separation from a dear person to us. It is also important to mention that lovely cat hunters, actually due to reflections and also sensitive vision which gave them our nature.

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